2017 Week 6 Recap-10 Weeks Until Boston Maraton

            Okay, things are getting really busy around here and it seems like everyone and their dog is getting sick.  All I want to do it run! HA HA!   It was a balancing act to get in the miles and workouts this week, I didn’t exactly follow my plan as written but I think I did well.  The weather was wonderful this weekend and I was really able to enjoy some stress free runs. 

Here is my weekly recap

Monday-Rest day

Coach gave me a rest day, after my 5k/long run the previous day.  I was feeling tired that day, and appreciated the recovery.

Tuesday Double dip am run 4.08  miles at 8:19 average pace, total time 33:53

                                       pm run 4.32 miles at 7:40 average pace, total time 33:04img_2384

Still tired legs in the morning, so I decided to split my run into 2 runs to help recovery.  I am glad I did, because my afternoon run felt great.  Took some extra time for stretching a foam rolling after each run.  I think that helped a lot, as well.

Wednesday 11.5 miles average pace 6:51, total time 1:19:02

Speed workout, and group run again.  I had 10.5 miles on the schedule.  Workout included 2 miles warm-up, 4x 1.5 miles between 6:07-6:12 pace (1:30 minute recovery), 4×200 sprints and 2 mile cool down.  I think I have been getting extra mileage in my speed runs because I do not like stopping and starting. I much prefer active recovery.  I am jogging between all my workouts and super slow pace but still keep moving.  It was a great workout, we completed this on an area with some decent rolling hills.  Nothing to crazy but enough to added to the difficulty of the workout.  I was really lucky to get a solid group of 6-7 people to join me for the workout, which always helps.  We did start the first two sets a bit too fast, but otherwise pretty solid workout.

Thursday Unscheduled Rest Day

Balancing family and illnesses and just plain being stretched too thin.  I was optimistic I would get in some miles and it just never happened.  I was supposed to get in 9 miles. I made some adjustments over the weekend to help keep my weekly mileage up.  The nice weather made the additional weekend mileage, easy and enjoyable.

Friday 10.4 miles average pace 7:47, total time 1:20:39

Beautiful run after a long stressful work week. I started the run, and it was a warm sunny day.  As I ran, I got to watch the beautiful sunset and then a full moon in the clear skies. This run put me total an ease.   We all need more runs like that.

Saturday 18.2 average pace 7:57, total time 2:24:16

I think the high was around 69 degrees and I wanted to take full advantage and train in the sunf4020eb6-a766-4bbd-aa05-1506bf887281.  I met some friends midafternoon.   The weather was just perfect for an easy long run day, a tad warmer than you would want for a race day.  Crossing my fingers we don’t get that warm in Boston.  Midway through the run I had an annoying side stitch that just lingered the rest of the run.  As long as I kept my pace in the low 8 minute/mile range, I felt fine.  So the run was probably a 10-15 seconds slower than my normal run. The last mile, I put in some 45 second burst, followed by 1 minute of recovery.  Surprisingly, while I was picking up the speed the side-stitch disappeared.  I nagged all my friends, into food after. It was so yummy

Sunday 8.03 miles average pace 7:45, total time 1:02:21

               3.75 miles average pace 7:56, total time 29:45

I wanted to keep my runs short, while still getting my weekly miles covered so I decided to get another double this week.  Both runs were very enjoyable and relaxing runs.  I joined some friends in the morning and then solo in the evening.  I flirted with the idea of getting a few more miles in the evening, because I felt so good but I made myself stop.  Saving my legs for another day.

Total miles for the week was 60.2


As we progress closer to my goal race (Boston Marathon) I have been feeling more on edge about how my training is going.  Mostly, because I am giving control to someone else.  My coach put together a post about the type of training I had been doing and the direction he was taking me.  I really enjoyed getting the bigger picture.  If you are interested, you can check it out.

A Non Linear Training Approach

This training cycle has differed from my previous training, because I was very long run focused.  I was trying to get as many 18-22 mile runs in as I could.  I did some tempo style runs and goal pace runs, but it wasn’t consistently and was usually based on what I felt like doing that day.  Not based off some sort of plan.  Sometimes I would just run around an area trying to pick up Strava segments.  I like running that way, and there is definitely room in the future for spontaneous runs.  Right now, however, I am very goal oriented and working with a coach has increased my consistency and helped focus my runs more. 


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5 thoughts on “2017 Week 6 Recap-10 Weeks Until Boston Maraton

  1. I’m so jealous of your training! I wish I could run 60 mile weeks SO BAD… and you had days off in there. I hurt my ankle last week so it ended up being a WAY cutback week (I usually run 45-50 mpw, was planning on just maybe 40 last week but oh well). I bet you’ll do really well in Boston with the higher mileage and the longer workouts too. VERY smart to do a workout later in the day because most runners don’t end up starting the Boston Marathon until later in the morning and running into early afternoon, so at least you will have that experience of running closer to the time when your race is.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its been a long journey to 60, and we keep climbing. I am pretty lazy about getting up super early on my Saturday so I get a good hand full of 10 am runs going. Perfect for Boston. I was gettting my run in later in the day to get a jump start on aclimating to the heat again. Even though Bostons average temperature hangs around 50 degrees, there have been a good handful of years with some pretty warm temperatures. I want to give myself the best chance for success.

      Sorry to hear about your ankle, make sure you give it time to heal properly so you can keep climbing those miles. You’ll get back to your 45-50 miles per week soon enough and you can slowly climb the mountain again.

      Thanks for reading!


  2. Wow those clear sky shots are gorgeous. I love putting in the early/late work to get treated to an amazing sunrise/sunset. I always feel petty because I tell myself “haha everyone is inside and I’m out here enjoying this gorgeous view” … Oh well more for me right lol

    Liked by 1 person

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