Running Circles in Parking Lots, and Other Odd Runner Behaviors

Here’s the best-selling guide to taking care of your runner.

Do you have a runner in your life? This fun, friendly guide to runners prepares you for this tough but terrific time. From the basics – housebreaking, feeding, training – to the latest on runner care, supporting your runner, and the new designer breeds of runners. You get everything you need to understanding their odd behaviors.

This is Chapter 3 of a series, be sure to check out Chapter 1 and Chapter 2!

Chapter 3-Running circles in parking lots, and other odd runner behaviors

Runners are a bit odd, they are just wired differently.  Seriously, they get up stupid early and run, and they like it! So, don’t be worried if you see your runner participating in some seriously, weird behaviors.  This may just be normal runner stuff going on.  Here are some common, runner behaviors.

  • Running in circle in parking lots– No, your runners has not gone completely nuts. Runners just like numbers to be even.  It’s not uncommon to gps
    see your runner making small circles or running back in forth in order to reach the next mile or kilometer on their GPS watch.   Does this have any impact on their training? Nope.  Your runner knows this, they just can’t help it.  Also, a run doesn’t count unless it’s on our Garmin, so it better be charged or your going to have problems.
  • Getting unusually excited when they spot a Porta Potty When nature calls, runners need to answer it. Running so many miles can create some awkward bathroom moments. I have been completely saved before when a new construction site was added to my regular route and a magic bathroom opportunity was added.  It may have been a gift from heaven that day.
  • Putting Band-Aids over their nipples – Don’t worry, your runner isn’t adopting some weird pervy fashion trend. This is for comfort.  While running long distances, rubbing and sweating can create some very uncomfortable situations.  Placing Band-Aids on the nipples can reduce chaffing.  Providing your runner with Body Glide or other similar products can help reduce this discomfort.
  • Hoarding shoes – Runners often have a bit of a shoe fetish, like I may have more running shoes than a fashion blogger has heels. The excitement of getting a new pair of shoes for runners, cannot be contained.  This excitement is known as a shoegasm, and it is real.  I have a bond with each pair. I have no idea why, but it’s difficult letting go of a pair of shoes, and it’s not unusual to find a pile of new unopened shoes stacked up in my closet.
  • Performing snot rockets- This has almost become an art form for some runners and another avenue for competition. Runners do not want to stop running.  A stuffy nose is not goinsnot-rocketg to slow your runner down.  Instead, your runner will most likely plug one side and purge the remaining side with a forceful blow of air to clear things up.
  • Dressing like they are headed to a highlighter party –If your runner begins to shop in color pallets that look like they are headed to a rave after their run, don’t worry this is actually a safety thing. Visibility is important, and dressing in brightly colored clothes helps keep you runner safe.  Plus, the brighter more obnoxious your clothing is, the faster you must be.
  • Become anxious or crabby when they miss a run-Runners are junkies, and missing their running fix will send them into a stressed out, anxious mess. The number of runs needed per week, depends on the individual runner.  If you runner doesn’t get the needed runs or miles they will become unpleasant.  Tapering is an especially difficult time in your runners life.
  • Begin to tell you exact distance between two points-Your runner has an odd knowledge of the exact distance from you home to most places with in a 5-20 mile radius. Getting stuck in traffic may cause outburst such as, “it’s only 1.7 miles, I could run there by now!”
  • Jump into a bathtub full of ice- That sounds horrible doesn’t it. Like another version of the “ice bucket challenge.”  To your runner it is sweet, well- earned relief after a solid workout.  A routine that includes ice baths and Epsom salt soaks will go a long way in keeping your runner injury free. ice-bath
  • Begin to hide snacks everywhere- In the previous chapter; “Don’t Honk at the runners, and other ways to keep your runner happy” we discussed a temporary condition called hangry. This is a real issue for many runners.  Our bodies are in constant need of refueling and stashing snacks everywhere allows your runner to keep calm and act like a somewhat normal person through his or her day.

I know there are tons more that could be added to this list.  What are your weird runner quirks? 

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11 thoughts on “Running Circles in Parking Lots, and Other Odd Runner Behaviors

  1. I sooo look forward to these now lol.

    I used to do the circles, when I switched to trails I kinda gave up on it, don’t know why but mentally it dosnt matter anymore lol.

    Oh gosh missed runs, I get so anxious and irritable. Running burns off excess energy and stress, so a missed run is terrible for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These are hilarious and SO true! I also find we’re total oversharers, especially with other runners–it makes me laugh when I have entire text conversations about bathroom habits and think it’s totally normal.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think I am one of the only runners who doesn’t care about even numbers on my Garmin–as long as I’ve run at least the scheduled distance (so a 5 mile run is almost always 5.07 or 5.16). I figure this will help in races where I don’t run perfect tangents.

    But shoe hoarding. and highlighter clothes. and snot rocketing. Yeah. That’s me.

    Liked by 1 person

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