Balancing the science of running with the art of coaching.

Are you ready to take your run training to the next level? Work with RunCanvas Coaching tocrush you goals and see real results.


Hi! I’m JANELL. I’m a certified running coach, teacher, business owner, athlete, and mother. I have spent the past 14 years helping runner reach their goals.

What started as a way to cross training for other sports developed into a lifelong passion. And not just a passion for my own running; a passion for guiding others to their best running selves.

What people are saying

“Janell is an absolute pro in running and coaching. Five stars are not enough for her. I did not expect distance training to bring such results. Janell conducts various trainings. It is never boring. I was inspired by the fact that I noticed that my pace is growing, HR is falling, and VoMax is growing. I couldn’t believe the results would be visible so quickly. Running has become a part of everyday pleasure. Janell controls the training load and the feeling that I am not running alone. And this is encouraging. I highly recommend Janelle as a coach. Light legs to everyone.”

Dmitry Kuznetsov

On the blog

Follow my running journey, get great tips to make the most of your training, weekly discounts of running items and more.

What we offer

Coaching is available for all levels of runners, whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced runner. I use evidence-based methods and provide continual support. No cookie cutter training plans here. I take the guesswork out of training for you; in return, you gain someone supporting you every step of your journey.

1:1 Coaching

Rung training designed just for you and your goals. Complete with weekly in-person training sessions

Subscription Coaching

Ongoing coaching. Work 1-on-1 through teh VDot platform with running coach. Training and feedback uploaded weekly. This is our most popular plan!

Customized Training Plans

Completely customized training plans designed by certified runing coach to help you reach you next goal.

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