A single step….

“A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”- Lao Tzu’s expression of how great things start from humble beginnings.  That is how I like to imagine every run and race.  One, single step. I have struggled with what awesome, meaningful and engaging information I could pack into my first blog post. In the end, I think it was more important to take a leap of faith, and just begin.

About me (Janell)

I am a mother to a wonderful little girl with the most supportive husband a women could ask for.  I teach middle school science, coach cross-country and track and, of course, I am an avid runner.  I competed in cross country, track and soccer in high school and college.  Like many runners, after college I was a bit burnt out and I wasn’t a strong enough runner to compete at the next level, I sort of fizzled out after graduation.

Fast forwarding 7 years, an emerging teaching career and growing family. I decided to start running again after I had my daughter. I had no idea my world was about to change.  I love running, but more than running, I love the running community.  It’s been over two years and thousands of miles. I am super grateful for the life-long friends I have made and through the support so many have shown me.

Why Blogging?

  • I love the running community, I am excited to find another way to engage with this community
  • I want to remember where I came from. A piece of me wishes I started my blog when I started running.  I may not have any followers, though.  I made a ton of mistakes, and I had to learn the hard way. I am sure I will make plenty more along the way.
  • Advocacy I am not on this journey alone. I have paired up with a wonderful buddy though the web page “I run for Michael” I want to share the stories and advocate for more buddies and runners.  I want to share my buddy’s story.  (Pending Permission)
  • Reviews I want to write reviews and share products that I love. Let’s face it, running cloths, accessories, gadgets and race entries can add up.  I want to share products that work for me.  I already have some items I love and can’t wait to share
  • Race reports I love reading race reports and I feel like a lot can be gained by writing and reading my own as I continue to grow as a runner. I’d love to share to roller coaster ride that goes on inside my, crazy and sometimes unstable, head.
  • Inform I am a student of running and I have become a sponge.  I love to read and learn about all things running and I want to share that with other runners. I look forward to comments and engaging conversations mostly about these topics.
  • Because I love running, and when I am not running, I think about all things running.

I don’t plan on writing to many post like this, all about me.  I plan on topics coming up organically through my running experiences which can lead to my readers getting to know me.

So please, pretty please! Join in discussions, share subscribe and most importantly come back!



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Hi I am Janell! Avid runner and coach with 14 years of experience helping runners reach their goals. Wondering if working with a running coach is the right choice for you? Run coaching is available for ALL levels and paces. If you run, you are a runner. Hiring a running coach will help you to become stronger and more resilient – both physically and mentally.

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