RunCanvas Ready Made Training Plans!

Great for beginners to advanced!

RunCanvas offers multiple options for each race distances.  Periodized run training plans based on the foundations of legendary coach Jack Daniels. This comprehensive plan goes beyond running to include; dynamic warm ups, running form drills, and no weights strength training.

Runner assessment done either via email (most common and usually quickest option) or phone call will help your RunCanvas certified running coach set your plan up to meet you at your current fitness (pacing and weekly mileage).  The plan is then uploaded into the VDOT training app with and paces calculated by the VDOT calculator.  If you get in lead up races along the way, paces can be updated to match your new fitness levels and increases your training stimulus.  Taking your from where you are now, to where you want to be!

Self-motivation and individual commitment are required for this plan. A weekly follow up email is optional for athletes who have questions about the structure or function of their training.


 RunCanvas 5K & 10K  Ready Made Training Plans

  • Beginner (5k only) training- 12 weeks- Plans starts at 3 runs per week with 15 minutes of running in a single session
  • Low Mileage athlete plan- 15 weeks- for runners who are lower mileage, this plan starts at 15 miles per week with 3 miles completed in a single session.
  • Introduction to speed work- 18 weeks-this plan starts at 22 miles per week with a single long run of 5 miles.  Base building phase included before introducing speed/quality sessions.
  • Introduction to speed work 2- Similar to previous plan, for athletes who have established a mileage foundations of 30 miles per week and a 6 mile run in a single session

RunCanvas Half Marathon Ready Made Training Plans

  • Beginner training plans
    • 20 weeks-  plan starts at 20 miles per week with a long run of 4 miles in a single session
    • 17 weeks-plan starts at 25 miles per week with a long run of 6 miles  in a single session
    • 15 weeks-plan starts at 30 miles per week with a long run of 7 miles in a single session
  • Intermediate training plans
    • 18 weeks-plan starts at 35 miles per week with a long run of 4 miles in a single session
    • 16 weeks-plan starts at 40 miles per week with a long run of 10 miles in a single session
  • Advanced training plans-
    • TBD

RunCanvas Marathon Ready Made Training Plans

  • 10 different levels of plans, designed to meet the runner at their current fitness level. 12-24 weeks depending on the athletes current fitness. Some plans will include a base building phase while other jump right into the quality session. Minimum miles of 20 miles per week for base building, quality session (intervals) will not begin until the runner has a base of 35 miles per week. I recommend that you make an effort to run 5 days each week, 6 or 7 is better.  More details to come…

RunCanvas High School Summer Training Ready Made Plans

  • This 12 weeks program is designed to prepare students for a successful Cross Country Season.

    Safely increasing the runners mileage base will progressively transitioning speed work that is designed to adapt a runners current track fitness into a fitness level that meets the specific demands of a cross country runner

    Ancillary components, beyond daily run training also included. These are designed to build a stronger and more injury resistant runner. Ancillary training components include;
    +strength training (w/ or w/o weights)
    + Running Form Drills
    +Dynamic warm ups
    +and more!

    Initial consultation will be conducted so that the certified coach can identify the current fitness levels and match athlete to the best fit plan

  • Plan is designed with 5 different levels of fitness. Before an athlete can begin the base plan, they should be able to complete 20 miles of running per week with 4 miles of running in a single session. Athletes who are at a higher fitness level will be given a higher tiered plan to match their fitness abilities

Ready to start working toward your next PR?!


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