Why I run.

I am very excited that we now have the opportunity to feature guest blogger Tony – The Runninger,  on Runcanvas.

Why do we run?

It’s a question as a runner you get asked regularly from non runners that don’t understand running but it’s not a question I actually ask myself regularly. Why would you I guess.

Mostly I run because I love running. I started running early, when I was in primary school in Australia and the school cross country day arrived.  I ran in it and came 3rd. I was about seven years old and I didn’t know I could run but I went pretty good that day and from then on cross country day was my favourite day of the school year.

After primary school I lost focus on running until after I’d left high school and moved from the small town I grew up in to Sydney, I was 22 years old when I moved to the city with my girlfriend and I didn’t have any other friends nearby. One day I came home from work and went for a run and nearly 20 years later I haven’t stopped. Running has brought many friends into my life too.

I run because I love being outside exploring new surrounds when travelling or the familiarity of those close to home. I run because I feel it’s doing something good for me and keeping me young and healthy. I run because I am competitive by nature and I love the challenge and the sense of accomplishment when I finish a hard training session or reach a tough goal on race day.

There is a joy for me as a runner when I arrive at the start of a goal race, I’ve trained well and stayed healthy, the nervous energy is burning. The race starts and it’s time to execute the race plan. All the months of hard work come down to miles between the start line and the finish line.  During the race I think about executing my race and challenge myself to stay at my goal pace. I often tell myself during a race ‘run with patience, run with heart’. What I mean is having the patience to execute your race plan and not going out too hard, and alternatively when it’s time to dig deep I tell myself to run with heart.

The greatest joy for me as a runner is the simple pleasure of putting one foot after another. Running is a simple sport and we complicate it too often, the simple art of getting out the door and going for a run is the reason I continue to run. Tomorrow when I run I will remember the reasons I started running and the joy that I get from running.

Run with patience, run with heart.

Tony – The Runninger


tonytherunninger    Tony is a running blogger from Port Macquarie, Australia. If you enjoyed reading this post, check out his website at https://therunninger.com/


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