Failure to launch-Running unwell

     Last week,  I wrote all about “My Next Journey.”  In a very typical turn of events for me. I didn’t get off to the running (haha !) start I wanted too. I had a very solid start to my week but the Midwest allergens came though like a freight training and darn near knocked meContinue reading “Failure to launch-Running unwell”

3 Common Misconceptions about Running Injuries- Guest Post by RunningMate Physical Therapist & Performance Coach

Physical Therapist and Performance Coach Nathan Carlson cover some basics about common misconceptions runners have about injuries.

Helpful tips, making time for your run

For the first time, I am not teaching summer school.  I love it! I have so much time to do the things I love.  Balancing family time and running is much, much less of a challenge.  This is NOT the case during the school year.  During the school year I am balancing work, coaching, runningContinue reading “Helpful tips, making time for your run”

Global Running Day! Let’s Celebrate!

It’s Global Run Day! What a great day to enjoy running and friends.  Getting back into running has changed my life.  I know, it sounds cheesy.  It really has though. Running has taught me so many lessons, challenged me in new ways and taked me on amazing adventures with some pretty amazing people.  Running hasContinue reading “Global Running Day! Let’s Celebrate!”

It’s Giveaway Time! (Closed)

Congrats to Margaret for winning the RunCanvas Giveaway!  We will be contacting you via Facebook.   Have a great day,  stick around for more Runcanvas Giveaways  Let’s kick off this new training cycle with a Giveaway! Like RUNcanvas Facebook Page to enter! I have some goodies to help you get your training of to a greatContinue reading “It’s Giveaway Time! (Closed)”