Product Review-Wyldewood Cellar Elderberry Concentrate

Know somebody dealing with a cough, cold or flu? Of course you do, it’s going around like crazy right now. Unfortunately, I was wiped out last week with a nasty respiratory infection and left unable to run. My sister picked up a bottle of Wyldewood Cellars Elderberry Concentrate from our local Natural Grocers, so I could be on my way to a quick recovery.

2017 Training- Week 1 Review

Well, this sure didn’t go as planned.  I was super pumped to start this week as my “official start of Boston Marathon Training.”  However, the world had other plans.  I ended my Sunday run buckled over gasping for air, dizzy as I had been battling a deep chest cough that had very quickly progressed.  AfterContinue reading “2017 Training- Week 1 Review”

Why you should become a runner, and how

Running is awesome! I am sure it is no surprise, to anyone that I meet, that I think running is pretty great.  I am not the only one, however. Running is growing in popularity, it is definitely having a moment.  There is a reason why, running really is for everyone Why everyone should become aContinue reading “Why you should become a runner, and how”

Planning my 2017 Race Calendar

  Not all races are created equally, and choosing the right race could have a huge impact on your racing experience and goals.  There are as many different types of races as there are types of runners. Each one unique.                 Before you can begin planning your next race, or filling out your 2017 calendarContinue reading “Planning my 2017 Race Calendar”

Why I have decided to work with a running coach

I’m shaking things up a bit. Trying some new things out. My last blog post, I posted Why I love New Years Eve and shared a bit about my goals.  I have big goals in mind.  I want to be proactive in working toward these goals.  Starting my blog was one way to shake things up,Continue reading “Why I have decided to work with a running coach”

Running in 2017- I love New Years

I am a total nerd when it comes to New Years.  Not because of the fancy parties and large amounts of alcohol.  Those are great, but realistically staying up until midnight is becoming increasingly difficult.  I love the excitement and the idea of starting fresh. New Years is a great time for reflection and introspectionContinue reading “Running in 2017- I love New Years”

A single step….

“A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”- Lao Tzu’s expression of how great things start from humble beginnings.  That is how I like to imagine every run and race.  One, single step. I have struggled with what awesome, meaningful and engaging information I could pack into my first blog post. InContinue reading “A single step….”