My favorite part of my recovery routine, is Epsom Salt Baths

Growth is made during your recovery.  You work out hard, tearing your muscles down and your body rebuilds, stronger than before.  You should treat the recovery process with as much respect as your speed workouts and long runs.  The better you recover, the more you can push yourself during subsequent training sessions.  Since most ofContinue reading “My favorite part of my recovery routine, is Epsom Salt Baths”

2017 Week 10 Recap-6 week before Boston Marathon!

This was a tough week.  Not because of the workouts, or mileage.  It was tough because it took me the whole week to recover from last week’s 10k race.  I shouldn’t be terribly surprised, I seem to recover slower than most of my running buddies. The fatigue and soreness will hang around an extra dayContinue reading “2017 Week 10 Recap-6 week before Boston Marathon!”

Waiting to set my goal time/pace for Boston Marathon

  The closer we get to April 17th, the more I am getting asked about my goal time for the Boston Marathon. I am also getting a lot of (unsolicited) advice, on what others think my goal time should be. Especially, after recent races. Some people look at me like I have two heads whenContinue reading “Waiting to set my goal time/pace for Boston Marathon”

Let’s talk about streaking….

NO, I am not talking about running through the quad and into the gymnasium.  I am talking about a running streak.  A running streak is running at least one mile, every day.  Your run streak is however man consecutive days you can continue this trend.  It’s pretty neat to hear about the extreme run streaksContinue reading “Let’s talk about streaking….”

Choose training paces based on current fitness level

  When you are training for a goal race and logging lots of miles.  You probably want to get the most out of your training.  You want to push your body enough to improve, but not enough to get injured.  That line can be very thin, and finding the right balance is difficult for manyContinue reading “Choose training paces based on current fitness level”

2017 week 9 recap-7 weeks before Boston Marathon

Completely unrelated to running, but this week was my baby girls 4th Birthday! We had a fun birthday filled week.    It was a busy week, and the second part of the week I struggled with fatigue, tummy issues and general aches and pains.  Some minor knee pain is still lingering, but improving each day.Continue reading “2017 week 9 recap-7 weeks before Boston Marathon”