Reflection and Countdown to the Boston Marathon

I am so super excited about my upcoming opportunity to compete in my first Boston Marathon. The buildup between my qualifier at Kansas City Marathon, in October 2015 and race day seems like forever.  It has been a journey and I can’t help but feel all kinds of emotions as I look back.   ForContinue reading “Reflection and Countdown to the Boston Marathon”

Marathon Training-A Balancing Act

                 Family, Work and Running Let’s face it, most of us are not, and will never be professional runners. We have family and careers outside of running. That doesn’t mean we don’t have big goals and that we don’t take our training seriously.  Getting in workouts and recovery would definitely be so much easierContinue reading “Marathon Training-A Balancing Act”

Why I run.

I am very excited that we now have the opportunity to feature guest blogger Tony – The Runninger,  on Runcanvas. Why do we run? It’s a question as a runner you get asked regularly from non runners that don’t understand running but it’s not a question I actually ask myself regularly. Why would you IContinue reading “Why I run.”

2017 week 12 recap-> 4 weeks until Boston Marathon

Happy Monday! I am in such a good mood this morning, especially compared to the grump I was last week.  It’s dark and drizzly here, but getting my runs in this weekend and looking forward to a couple tough speed days this week has me amped! Here is my weekly Recap Monday-Unscheduled Rest Day LastContinue reading “2017 week 12 recap-> 4 weeks until Boston Marathon”

Dumb things people have said to me, during Boston Marathon Training. 

I am super lucky to have so many supportive people cheering me on as I train for my first Boston Marathon.  I have had a lot of great conversations with my non-runner friends.  I have also had some really silly ones.  Here are the most memorable ones. I bet a lot of you can relate.Continue reading “Dumb things people have said to me, during Boston Marathon Training. “

Quit googling your injuries!

Admit it, you are guilty.  You feel a pain and you head to the Google, to find out what is wrong and how to fix it.  STAHP IT!   I am totally guilty myself.  I know better, but sometimes I don’t want to admit something is wrong, so I look for ways to self-remedy. This doesContinue reading “Quit googling your injuries!”

2017 week 11 recap- 5 weeks until Boston Marathon

               I was so excited for this week. I was going to make this a super, running week.  I had plans to really focus on recovery and strength training.  Spending my spring break doing all the little extra things so that I could finish my last couple weeks strong.  Well, things didn’t go as planned.Continue reading “2017 week 11 recap- 5 weeks until Boston Marathon”

Invitation for Guest Bloggers

Runcanvas is growing, and I love it.  I want to offer a wider variety of knowledge and expertise to readers. That’s why I am ready to open up to guest bloggers.  If you are interested, check out the details below. What kind of articles is Runcanvas looking for? High quality original content, not published elsewhereContinue reading “Invitation for Guest Bloggers”

My favorite part of my recovery routine, is Epsom Salt Baths

Growth is made during your recovery.  You work out hard, tearing your muscles down and your body rebuilds, stronger than before.  You should treat the recovery process with as much respect as your speed workouts and long runs.  The better you recover, the more you can push yourself during subsequent training sessions.  Since most ofContinue reading “My favorite part of my recovery routine, is Epsom Salt Baths”

2017 Week 10 Recap-6 week before Boston Marathon!

This was a tough week.  Not because of the workouts, or mileage.  It was tough because it took me the whole week to recover from last week’s 10k race.  I shouldn’t be terribly surprised, I seem to recover slower than most of my running buddies. The fatigue and soreness will hang around an extra dayContinue reading “2017 Week 10 Recap-6 week before Boston Marathon!”