CIM Training- Anxiety, Illness and re-setting

In my previous post, Anxiety on the Run , I opened up a little bit about my struggle with anxiety and panic attacks that have begun happening during training.  While I am not particularly proud of these moments, I am touched by the amount of people who reached out to me in support and to shareContinue reading “CIM Training- Anxiety, Illness and re-setting”

Running Book Reviews and Recommendations- #allaboutrunning Wednesday Blog Link up

This post is a part of my #allaboutrunning blog link up.  If you have a running blog, check out the link and join in!  As I continue to grow as I runner I have become infatuated with reading and learning much more about our sport. While doing so, I have come across a few booksContinue reading “Running Book Reviews and Recommendations- #allaboutrunning Wednesday Blog Link up”

Don’t forget to enjoy running

Runners, love to run. However, it’s not uncommon for us to lack motivation from time to time.  Most of the time, the hardest part is getting yourself out the door.  Fifteen minutes into the run, you feel great and you are no longer struggling to find motivation.  When you are finished you are glad youContinue reading “Don’t forget to enjoy running”

Fall is coming! Running Tips for Fall Weather training

I absolutely love fall running weather! Many friends are deep into training for their next big race, the camaraderie is awesome.  The temperatures are dropping after this long hot and humid summer and the scenery is beautiful.  I am so over this summer we have had, this year in Missouri.  I am kicking summer outContinue reading “Fall is coming! Running Tips for Fall Weather training”

Focus on Recovery

When talking about our goals we often talk about all the awesome training we have planned to get us there.  We talk about the workouts we will be doing, our weekly mileage, and the coaches we are using.   We take time setting up intricate training plans.  One thing that is just as important in thatContinue reading “Focus on Recovery”

Failure to launch-Running unwell

     Last week,  I wrote all about “My Next Journey.”  In a very typical turn of events for me. I didn’t get off to the running (haha !) start I wanted too. I had a very solid start to my week but the Midwest allergens came though like a freight training and darn near knocked meContinue reading “Failure to launch-Running unwell”

3 Common Misconceptions about Running Injuries- Guest Post by RunningMate Physical Therapist & Performance Coach

Physical Therapist and Performance Coach Nathan Carlson cover some basics about common misconceptions runners have about injuries.

Helpful tips, making time for your run

For the first time, I am not teaching summer school.  I love it! I have so much time to do the things I love.  Balancing family time and running is much, much less of a challenge.  This is NOT the case during the school year.  During the school year I am balancing work, coaching, runningContinue reading “Helpful tips, making time for your run”

Quit googling your injuries!

Admit it, you are guilty.  You feel a pain and you head to the Google, to find out what is wrong and how to fix it.  STAHP IT!   I am totally guilty myself.  I know better, but sometimes I don’t want to admit something is wrong, so I look for ways to self-remedy. This doesContinue reading “Quit googling your injuries!”