Knockaround Sunglasses-Seventy Nines for on the Run!

Disclaimer: I received two pairs of Knockaround Sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I received two pairs of Sunglasses from Knockaround to try out. One pair for sun  and one pair for fun.   This post will discuss the pair for “run”. For this pair I received a pair of Matte Black on Black/Smoke Seventy Nines.


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In the summer, running sunglasses are a must for me. I use them for my own training as well as when I am coaching my high school athletes or working solo with a few of my adult clients.  Either way, these bad boys get a lot of use, and abuse.

Product Information

From the Knockaround website;


Designed to deliver a perennial summer high, Knockaround Seventy Nines are fashion-forward but always approachable. Whether you’re headed to the office, checking out the new coffee shop in your neighborhood, or hopping a flight to your next adventure, these casually cool sunnies will be your go-to companions. Each pair offers just the right balance of vintage vibes and contemporary style for a look that’s on trend yet perfectly timeless.

Seventy Nines offer a chiseled, low profile silhouette that looks especially great on small to medium-sized faces. Unisex styling in a wide array of colors means you can share a pair with bae. (But let’s be real, you’ll each want your own!) Every pair gets a few finishing flourishes in the form of recessed metallic hardware, matching logo detailing on the arms, and a laser etched logo on the lenses.

Enduring Style Meets Exceptional Durability
You’ll want to wear these versatile sunglasses season after season, so we’ve designed them to last. Every pair of Seventy Nines is made with strong 5-barrel hinges and FDA-approved impact resistant lenses, so they can take whatever knocks you dish out. Other thoughtful details include full UV400 sun protection and the option to add polarized lenses to all of your favorite frame colors. Speaking of colors, you can fly under the radar in black on black and tortoise shell frames, or make a splash with eye-catching options like jade lagoon and glossy white. Snag your favorite pair (or maybe more than one!) with free shipping on all orders over $50!”

So many selling points, in the description I was super excited to test these bad boys out!

  • Smaller fit for smaller sized heads!
  • Strong and impact resistant lenses
  • Full UV400 sun protect
  • Polarized Lenses

What did I love most about them!? I think they are absolutely adorable and fit well for both running and for fun.  I basically took this pair everywhere. Along with being super durable the seventy nines are also super lightweight. While running they stayed put without a bounce.  I put these glasses through the ringer and they are still flawless. I already plan on ordering more!   This time I am going to get adventurous!  Which ones should I choose next?

791792Don’t forget to check out part 2 of my review!  Knockaround Sunglasses- Mile Highs a Pair for Fun!  “BIBRAVEKNOCKS2” for 20% OFF your entire order. Limited to one use per user. Coupon active only until 7/15.

Don’t forget to read part two! Knockaround Sunglasses- Mile Highs a Pair for Fun

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Science in Sport (SIS) energy gels- Product Review and GIVEAWAY

Disclaimer: I received Science in Sport Energy gels to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

At the end of this review, look for a chance to win a free pack SIS Energy Gels. 

I have never been a big fan of gels.  I have a weak stomach and haven’t had a lot of luck with keeping them in.  When we received the opportunity to try out Science in Sport(SIS) energy gels, I was super exited to try out the products. The SIS gels are designed to be more easily digestible. Which is a huge selling point to me.

SIS hooked me up with a heavy load of Gels. Enough for my training cycle and extras to share on group runs. I can’t wait to see how much they enjoy them! I received 3 different variations of the gels in 4 different flavors; energy+electrolytes (Salted Strawberry & Lemon & Mint flavors) , energy+caffeine (Double Espresso Flavor)  and Isotonic Energy (Apple Flavor). 

I taste tested all the flavors before the run and thought they all tasted good.  My favorite flavors were the Apple and Salted Strawberry. The double espresso was more palatable during my first taste test, but I didn’t enjoy it as much when I tried it during my run.  I am more picky when I run, for some reason.  

The packets are a bit larger than your typical gels but they aren’t huge or obtrusive.  They easily fit in my zipper pockets and flip belt.  I only carry one gel at a time, and I found I had plenty of room.


My favorite flavor was the salted strawberry, it was similar to liquidy jello consistency and tasted good on a hot summer run.  My favorite product was the Isotonic Energy gel (Apple Flavor). It’s consistency was almost like a watery applesauce, not quite as thick.  Isotonic gels are not only designed to be more easily digestible, but they are also designed to be safely taken without water.  I really think this will help me avoid the nausea and bloating I have experienced in previous training cycles.

I would definitely recommend trying the SIS gels if you have stomach issues on the run.  Getting your nutrition right before race day in an important component to your race day strategy.

Want to try SIS for yourself? Use code TRYSIS25 for 25% off at Science in Sport. It works on all items on the site except clearance items.

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AfterShoks Trek Airs Product Review

Disclaimer: I received an Trekz Air Titanium Wireless Headphones to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

I was so excited to try out the Aftershoks Trek Airs Bone Conduction head phones.  I know running with headphones in isn’t always the safest option, but it allows me to check out and really use my run as a way to relax.  The Aftershoks bone conduction technology takes away that safety hazard leaving your ears unplugged and more aware of your surroundings.


Getting Started

When first unboxing the product I was nervous about the larger band that would go around the back of my head. I wasn’t sure the size of the band would fit my child sized head. It was not a problem at all.  They have a nice sleek look and sit well doing almost any activity.  I choose the Canyon Red, but would happily received any of the offered colors.

Using the Headphones

The headphones are wireless and connect to your phone via Blue Tooth. This is a huge must for me.  I hate running with wires.  They get tangled up, sticky from the massive amount of sweat and they always fall out. I have an Iphone X and I found the directions and process extremely easy.  Compared to some other Bluetooth products, the connectivity was awesome. Never once did the Bluetooth connection skip out or loose connection. Also the battery life seems pretty solid.


The battery life was great, I found myself able to use the headphones for housework, running and laying pool side multiple times a day and could go a couple days without recharging.  I never reached a low or dead battery, which was awesome.  The website says the Trek Airs give you about 6 hours of continuous music, which should cover a good majority of runners daily use.


Bone Conduction Technology

The question I am sure you are most curious about, I know I was.  How about the bone conduction?  It was great. There are two small speakers on the size of the headphones.  When not placed against your cheek bone, you could hear the sound.  When place correctly, the headphones played the music through your cheek bones.  They could not be heard by others and left my ears completely open and able to take in all of the sounds around me.  This is great news for runners who like to race with headphones.  Many races who have previously banned headphones for safety reasons, are beginning to allow bone conduction headphones.


Use Discount Code: “BRBundle” for $50 OFF the Trek Air Adventure Bundle at

How much fitness will I lose? Taking a break from running and the impact it has on your fitness.

Life happens, injuries happen and sometimes after a lengthy grueling training cycle we just need a break from running. It’s totally understandable.  The question I get from many of my athletes when discussing these bouts of time away from training is how much fitness will I lose?  This is a great question. We work so hard to reach our goals, and the thought of starting over and going through it all again can sound grueling.

I took the time to look into a few studies that addressed this question

two test tubes
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Many runners hate taking off time after a big race, such as a marathon.  Klav Madison et conducted a study on this subject. During this study, athletes took a total of four weeks off from training after their marathon race.  During this time athletes only saw a 20% decrease in VO2 max.  While taking 4 weeks completely off after a marathon isn’t really necessary, some rest and gradual return to running is a good idea.

Another study, conducted by Elizabeth Ready and Arthur Quinnery, tested the fitness decline in untrained men.  The men completed a 9 week training cycle followed by 9 weeks of inactivity. The participates saw a 70% increase in measured fitness during the initial 9 week training cycle. Similar to the decline in the first study. After 3 weeks of no training, study participants saws a 20% decline in fitness. However, the fitness decline leveled off the following weeks with a 40% loss in gained fitness, over the total 9 week period.  It is important to note, the amount of gained fitness over the initial 9 weeks was greater than the lost fitness during the time of non-training. Meaning the participants were not back at square one.

shallow focus photography of microscope
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It is important to take note that the previous study was conducted on untrained participates and compare that to a third study that was conducted by Edward Coyle Et al.  This study tested the aerobic fitness on already trained athletes and rested them a total of 12 weeks. Similar to the previous study, the first 12 days saw a decline, with a drop of 7% in VO2 max and a blood enzyme test used to measure endurance dropped by almost 50%.  After this initial decline, the fitness leveled off a bit.  After the total 12 weeks of no training, the participants saw an 18% decline in VO2 max.  Notice the significant difference between athletes who have been training for a longer period of time and newer endurance athletes.

One short coming of these three studies is that they all measure aerobic fitness.  Aerobic fitness, is your endurance, including threshold and and VO2 max.  Another important component to look at is structural fitness. Structural fitness is the bodies mechanical ability to absorb  the continuous impact forces that running puts on your body. Think about how your muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons are all impacted on the run.  Returning to running can add great stress and fatigue to this structural system and needs to be addressed carefully so you do not end up side lined (again) due to injuries.

Things to consider if you need to take some time off.

  • A couple days to a week will have little to no negative impact on your training and if done infrequently can be a training advantage.
  • Maintaining fitness is easier than building. Some running is better than no running at all.
  • Newer runners will see a faster decline in fitness than runners with a longer history of continuous running.
  • If you need to take time off due to injury, consider the advantages of cross training to maintain your fitness levels.  Be sure to address both the aerobic and structural fitness. Some suggestions include
    • Aerobic fitness: Swimming, biking , aqua -jogging and AlterG Treadmill (if you have access this is a super option!)
    • Structural fitness:  strength training. Depending on the type of injury it may be best to work with a physical therapist.

      “Rest or recovery is part of training, not avoiding training.” – Jack Daniels     Photo Cred-VDOTo2 Instagram

Change the way you look at recovery. Many runners associate recovery/rest days negatively and that simply is incorrect.  Recovery is an important part of the training cycle.  Taking appropriately timed recovery can actually increase your fitness levels and decrease your likelihood for injury.

When you are ready to return to running,  do so gradually and listen to you body.

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Need a coach to help you reach your running goals?

VDot certified! I am a VDot  Certified coach with over 11 years of coaching experience! I have worked with young beginners in the middle school level, high school athletes who have gone on to compete at national Division I championships, and adults runners of all abilities.   For more information click here




Run Safety – 12 tips to help keep you safe while on the run


I’ll be honest, before I started coaching I didn’t take running safety super serious.  I rolled my eyes when my “nagging” coach would bring up the issues.Working with high school students who are constantly out on the road on their own. I feel a bit maternal towards all of my girls.  I constantly worry about their safety while running with the team, and even more when they are on their own.  I have a wonderful family that I need to return safely too.  People I love and who rely on me making the best choices.  Today I am going to share 12 simple tips to help keep you safe while out on the run.

  • Run Safety Products-  Yesterday I posted my Sabre Safety Product Review.  I was able to carry Pepper Spray Gel and a personal alarm on the run without feeling like I was taking additional items on the run.  Small and lightweight I didn’t even notice them.
    • You can save 20% off with discount code SABRERUN.  (limited time offer)
  • Practice Road Safety- If you plan to hit the pavement then you need to ensure that you are following the rule of the road. This includes; run facing the traffic, make eye contact with drivers, be cautious at intersections, and run on sidewalks when available.


  • Run with Friends- There are so many reasons to run with friends, including safety. Don’t have a human companion to join? Consider running with your favorite pup.


  • Change up your routine- Don’t be too predictable. Running the same routine can make you an easier target.  Change up your running route, location and time of day.


  • Stay alert- Be away of your surrounding and and run with confidence.  Many “bad guys” are looking for easy targets.


  • Be Visible-  Where clothes that are bright colors. If you are running in the early morning or night then you should consider reflective clothing.  Wearing a head lamp and clip on lights are also a great way to help you be seen.


  • Share you running plans/location with someone-  Tell a loved one where you are going and when you can be expected to return.  Even better there are great apps now that can share you location in real time.


  • Carry your phone- Even if you choose not to have a GPS location tracker taking your phone can be very helpful in case of a safety or health emergency on the run.


  • Keep you ears unplugged- It’s easy to say, don’t run with headphones. Many runners, just don’t enjoy running this way.  A great compromise is bone conduction headphones such as Aftershokz. I absolutely love mine and I can listen to music without having my ears plugged. img_2542


  • Carry ID- There are many ways you can do this. Simply carrying your drivers liscense is an easy option.  If you prefer not to carry you ID, another great option is products such as Road ID or 1BandID. Both offer a variety of options like bracelets, watch accessories and shoe accessories that have you personal and emergency contact information listed.


  • Listen to the little voice inside-  If something in your gut is telling you the situation doesn’t feel right, listen.

Even thinking about run safety makes me uneasy.  It doesn’t help that I have watched every episode of Law and Order SVU over 50 times.  Totally obsessed with Olivia Benson. Runners are the target of way too many episodes. Unfortunately, even when following every single one of theses safety tips, things can still go wrong. The goal is to lower your risk as much as possible.

What do you do to ensure you are safer while on the run? Comment below! Be sure to like and subscribe! 


Need a coach to help you reach your running goals?

VDot certified! I am a VDot  Certified coach with over 11 years of coaching experience! I have worked with young beginners in the middle school level, high school athletes who have gone on to compete at national Division I championships, and adults runners of all abilities.   For more information click here

Sabre Safety Product Review


Today I am excited to share some great products that offer a small piece of mind for runners, Sabre Run Products.  Sabre’s Company mission if very simple; keeping you safe. As the #1 pepper spray trusted by police and consumers world wide.  They offer products for both running and daily life.  I received three products from the run safety line; Pepper Spray Gel and two different personal alarms. Bonus, Sabre sent products I was able to share with my friend Stephanie on Global Running day ! Thanks Sabre!

Pepper Spray Gel

pepperspragetProduct information from Sabre website

  • MAXIMUM STOPPING POWER: Maximum strength formula is backed by our in-house high performance liquid chromatography laboratory which guarantees maximum stopping power, eliminating the 30% failure rate experienced with other pepper spray brands (University of Utah study); plus UV marking dye aids in suspect identification
  • #1 PEPPER SPRAY BRAND TRUSTED BY POLICE AND CONSUMERS WORLDWIDE: Including New York, Chicago PD, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s & U.S. Marshals; made in the U.S.A. and ISO 9001:2008 certified with a 4-year shelf life from the date of manufacture
  • ENHANCED SAFETY: Pepper gel virtually eliminates wind blow-back and only affects what it directly contacts, plus it offers a 20% greater range (12 feet/4 m) for protection at a safer distance
  • EASILY ACCESSIBLE WITH PROTECTION AGAINST MULTIPLE THREATS: Adjustable hand strap provides police-strength protection at your fingertips; contains 35 bursts (up to 5x other brands) plus a locking top safety mechanism to prevent accidental discharge
  • FREE TRAINING: Packaging includes link to free training video in addition to publicly available safety tips on our blog




I took the Pepper Spray Gel on every run. It was super easy to put on my wrist when I was putting on my running watch each morning and mostly forget all about it. Even when I ran with the team or friends.  As I started my run, I simply moved the get from my wrist to my hand. I don’t think anyone even noticed.  I didn’t ever feel like I was carrying something extra. I could still use both hands for tieing shoes, opening doors and even walking my dogs.  It’s that simple.

Thankfully, I didn’t need to put my product to real use while on the run. I did practice and I felt very confident that if I needed to use in emergency I could very easily do so without a bunch of fumbling around and I also didn’t have any concern I was going to set it off accidentally.  A concern I had prior to trying this product.  The spray gel is great as it doesn’t have that splash back that can occur with a traditional spray. According to the Sabre website, the gel can spray 8-12 feet depending on the wind.


Personal Alarms

I received two different personal alarms.  The first one was a clip on with and LED light and the second version was tucked in a wrist band with a pull clip.  There were things I liked about both designs. However, I found myself choosing the clip on version most often because I found it a tad more comfortable than the wrist band.

cliponalarmProduct information from Sabre website

  • Easy to activate: Simply press button to turn alarm on and off – intuitive design makes it easy even in stressful situations
  • Attention-grabbing: 120 dB alarm audible 600 feet (185 m) away alerts others to your situation – turns bystanders into witnesses and possibly even rescuers
  • Maximizes visibility: LED flashlight with on, slow flash, & fast flash modes to ensure that you are visible in all light conditions
  • Instant access: Clip to clothing, bag, waistband, etc. makes attaching and accessing simple and effective – no fumbling for the alarm or need to carry in your hands
  • Weather proof design: You don’t stop if the weather turns ugly, and your personal alarm doesn’t either


This product is about the size of my thumb and so easy to clip on and forget all about.  In fact, I did. I would often have to dig the previous days clothes out of the hamper so that I could use it on the next run.  The LED is a huge positive for runners who are early morning and late night runners.  Who wants to have to wear multiple products? The alarm and light is a great combo.


Product information from the Sabre Website

  • LOUDEST / GREATEST RANGE: Piercing, 130dB alarm calls for attention up to 1,000 feet (300 m) away and helps scare off attacker; fully reusable
  • ADJUSTABLE & ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Length ranges from 5.5” – 8” and this sweat- and weather-resistant alarm is comfortable with no itchy nylon strap and an easy-to-use velcro closure
  • MAXIMIZED SAFETY / BE SEEN AT NIGHT: Reflective material helps cars and witnesses locate you in the dark
  • GREATER VALUE: Replaceable 4xLR44 batteries with low battery test button included to ensure your device is working when you need it most
  • USER-FRIENDLY WITH BROAD APPEAL: Simply pull the metal ring to operate (easy to operate under stress!); a self-defense option for any age


I am not usually a fan of wearing much on the wrist besides my watch. Its just a personal preference. So I chose to use this product a few times for review purposes, but as I mentioned the clip on version was typically my go to choice. It is louder and the pull ring seems like it would be easier to trigger in case of emergency.

These products are all a great option for keeping you safe, and for the price, I am kicking myself for not purchasing sooner.

Want to try them out for yourself! Got the Sabre website and use code SABRERUN for 20% off!

I will be following up this post, later this week with more tips on staying safe on the run.  Comment below with one thing you do to stay safe while out on the run.

I had an absolute blast using my Sabra Safety products  and celebrating Global Running day. Here are a few highlights! Don’t forget to share what you did to celebrate, in the comments below.


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Disclaimer: I received Sabre Run Products as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!


Need a coach to help you reach your running goals?

VDot certified! I am a VDot  Certified coach with over 11 years of coaching experience! I have worked with young beginners in the middle school level, high school athletes who have gone on to compete at national Division I championships, and adults runners of all abilities.   For more information click here

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10/20/2019 – Bull City Race Fest and Food Truck Rodeo – Durham, NC

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10/20/2019 – First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon – Sarasota, FL

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10/20/2019 – IMT Des Moines Marathon – Des Moines, IA

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10/26/2019 – Healdsburg Wine Country Half Marathon (Destination Races) – Geyserville, CA

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10/27/2019 – Marine Corps Marathon & MCM 10K – Team in Training- Washington, DC

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November 2019

11/2/2019 – Mushroom Cap Half Marathon – Kennett Square, PA

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11/1-2/2019- Zooma Women’s Race Series  – Texas Wine Country – Fredericksburg, TX

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11/2-3/2019 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah

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11/3/2019 – TCS New York City Marathon – Team in Training Campaign – NYC, NY

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11/10/2019 – Madison Marathon – Madison, WI

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11/16-17/2019 – Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas

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11/28/2019 – North Shore Turkey Trot – Highland Park, IL

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11/28/2019 – Art Van Turkey Trot Chicago- Chicago, IL

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11/28/2019 – Turkey Day 5K Minneapolis – Minneapolis, MN

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December 2019


12/7-8/2019 – Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio

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12/8/19 – Honolulu Marathon – Honolulu, HI

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January 2020


1/18-1/19/2020 – Marathon Bahamas (Sunshine Insurance Race Weekend) – Bahamas

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1/19/20 – Key West Half Marathon & 5K – Key West, FL

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February 2020


March 2020

3/25/20 – Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon – Champaign, IL


April 2020

4/26/20 – Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon – Oceanport, NJ


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Summer XC Training Tips

We just wrapped up the State Track meet this weekend and I am all ready to get started with planning out Cross Country season.  Okay, I’ll be honest I have a nerdy binder full of exciting new plans, that I have been working on for months.

I have been getting an increasing amount of questions about summer training from my coaching clients, as well.  I thought now would be a great time to hit on a few key points for high school athletes , and their parents, to keep in mind during summer training

Fall Cross Country Champions are made in the summer, both teams and individuals who find themselves on the podium at the end of the season put in work long before the official August start date. Different states have different rules on how much a coach can work  directly with their athletes. Some are allowed to train together all summer and some are allowed little to no contact through the entire off season.  Leaving those high school athletes left to design their own training.

Overall Goals for high school cross country runners in the summer

Many high school coaches and athletes get trapped in the idea that summer training should be treated as an elongated season.  Doing the same volume of easy and speed work throughout the off season will only lead to increased injury and over-training. The main focus of off season training should include;

  1. Increase overall fitness

  2. Become a stronger more efficient runner

  3. Become more resistant to injury

All about the Bass  Base

The first question a lot of high school runners want know is, “how many miles do I need to run in order to reach X:XX goal time? ” The problem is, there is no one specific answer.  Everyone is different and the training load it takes an individual to reach each goal time is going to be dependent on a large number of factors.  So, instead we train smart, we train consistently and we work to put ourselves in the best position we can when the season starts.

Summer training is all about setting up a solid foundation for in-season training, so that the athlete can physically and mentally manage the training load during the season. The goal is to prepare the body to be able to handle the race specific training when the season comes around, and to be more injury resistant. Does that mean increasing mileage? For most high school athletes, yes it does.  However, a well-rounded summer training plan includes adding Ancillary training components in your run training. This ancillary training should include strides, hill sprints, core, strength, form drills, plyometrics and mobility training.

What about speed work?

I am not a huge fan of a bunch of off season speed work.  There is definitely a place for it, but it should be limited.   I like Steve Magness’ approach of working in extremes and bringing them together.  Starting with logging lots of easy miles and blending in strides and hill sprints to start with.  These faster efforts are quick bursts of speed but limited with full recoveries between each. The athlete shouldn’t be building fatigue when they complete them.

Depending on the level of the individual athlete, as the summer progresses, the runner can begin to build in in what I like to refer to as “transitional” speed work. This is more mid to late summer work that allows the athlete to begin seeing more “structured” training.  This speed work isn’t race specific but more to allow the younger runners to adjust to higher intensity work.  This can helpful in identifying overzealous athletes who want to race every workout.  I like to start with items like progressions runs, moderate pick ups (fartleks) and broken tempos.

As I mentioned above, working from extremes is a great approach for high school athletes.  Transitioning athletes from slow runs to moderate tempos is working from one end of the spectrum. The other end would be elongating strides into shorter repetition work like 200 m repeats.  The goal here is not to overload your legs with high volume but to activate those fast twitch fibers increasingly each week. Again, building to a level that allows you to be ready for the regular season.

More is NOT always better!

While the purpose of off season conditioning is to increase fitness, there is a point of diminishing returns.  Walking into the season running personal best the first week and then getting injured, burnt out or failing to improve can be super frustrating. Your body can manage a limited training load during that summer time period and finding the right balance can be difficult for young runners. The key is listening to your body, increasing the mileage and speed work in small amount and building in rest and recovery period before season begins.

Not sure how to start? RunCanvas now offers customized training plans just for high school athletes. Check it out!

VDot certified! I am a VDot  Certified coach with over 11 years of coaching experience! I have worked with young beginners in the middle school level, high school athletes who have gone on to compete at national Division I championships, and adults runners of all abilities.   For more information click here

Running and Over-training syndrome

Watching runners who continue to push themselves, work harder and fail to see the desired training results is hard.  Trying to convince someone that slowing down, or doing less will actually increase athletic performance is often met with disbelief.  However, many runners, both amateur and elite will experience levels of over-training.

What is over training?

It seems like the name over-training would be self-sufficient. However, the title is a bit misleading.  Over-training occurs when the body is pushed to its limits and can no longer adequately recover in what would normally be considered a timely manner.  Over-training isn’t really a training load issue, but more a struggle to recover.  Another term for over-training is under-performance syndrome (UPS).

Why does it happen

Simplifying things, the body is pushed into a level of deep fatigue.  Often hindsight can offer some clarity for runners, as to what let to or contributed to the plateau and eventual decline in performance.  The key to making gains is the bodies ability to recover from the applied stress of training.  Factors that can lead to over-training include;

  • Increasing mileage to quickly
  • Increase or jump in speed/quality session
  • limited recovery time between speed/quality session
  • Running easy/active recovery days to fast
  • Inadequate sleep and/or nutrition

While the term over-training implies stress specifically stress causes by your workouts, your body doesn’t necessarily differentiate types of stress. So, even well-trained and knowledgeable runners can find themselves brought down from, not only workouts but also life stress that add compounding fatigue leaving the body over worked and unable to recover.


Identifying signs and symptoms of over-training (or UPS) is key to getting back into quality effective training.  Some common signs or symptoms of over-training include;

  • Elevated Heart Rate
  • Drop in athletic performance
  • Loss of sleep
  • Increase in anxiety
  • Lack of energy/constant fatigue
  • Lack of appetite or weight loss
  • Frequent illness/immune suppression
  • Increase in aches, pains and injuries
  • Perceived effort increases at usual paces

I believe over-training was a large factor in my struggles this fall. Getting sick more frequently, lack of sleep and the worst anxiety I have ever managed as I moved through the fall leading into my CIM goal race.  As I neared the race, my workout load increased and I became unmotivated, struggling to mange daily work and family life task and a general disinterest in things I loved.

How to correct and avoid over-training

  • Periodized training, especially for runners who are high volume runners.  The periodized training can help develop different energy systems while allowing appropriate recovery
  • Allow your body to adapt to current fitness levels before increasing, many of Jack Daniels plans will have runner \ maintaining the same mileage for 4 weeks before increasing again.In his marathon plans, the volume has already been established during the base phase and then while the race specific training is taking place he adjusts volume between 80-100% to allow the body to recover.
  • Monitor quality of sleep and resting heart rate. Something as simple as taking your resting heart rate each morning can help give you warning signs. An increase in 10 beats per minute should signal its time to back off
  • Build in cut back weeks- both in volume and quality
  • Recognize non-training stress that can add additional fatigue
  • Take appropriate amount of time to recover after races
  • Slow down your easy runs! Slow Down! Running Your Easy Run, Easier
  • Be deliberate in your recovery efforts. Focus on Recovery

If you struggle setting up an appropriate training plan/balance it may be time to consider working with a running coach.

The key here is your body has to recover fully before moving forward. Training through the deep fatigue will only further progress the symptoms until you are severely hurt or sick and you are forced to take prolonged time off. Listening to you body,you can back off the training enough to allow the recover without loosing the fitness gains you have clearly worked so hard for.


Shady Rays X-Series Product Review

Summer time is coming! As a teacher I am counting down the last days of the school year.  With summer, comes more summer runs with my high school cross country girls.  So, of course, I jumped at the chance to try out a new pair/brand of sunglasses.


The Shady Ray X-series sunglasses have a nice, athletic look.  Simple and sleek, in my opinion.  Some other key features include

  • Polarized lenses
  • Shatter-resistant
  • Durable Construction with lifetime craftsmanship
  • Brand that supports a great cause, giving 10 meals to fight hunger with each order placed.

My Experience

img_2542My first adventure out with these sunglasses included coaching at one of our Varsity track meets.  I absolutely loved the polarized lenses.  Unlike other brands, my vision wasn’t discolored in these polarized lenses.  They have a really nice look and they fit well with or without my hat.  Of course, it rained like the whole next week and I was anxiously waiting the opportunity to get some outside runs in these bad boys.

I was able to get 5 runs in them outside, prior to this review.  The glasses are extremely light weight and offer wrap around protection without impeding your vision.  I have a tiny head, and these glasses did sit a bit wide on me.  I was nervous they would move or bounce on the run, but that was absolutely not the case.  They stayed put well.

I chose the black frames, as I thought they looked the best in the online store.  Other BibRave Pro athletes chose the clear frames and seeing them in person, I think I like those ones a little bit better.  The online image isn’t as neat looking

Want to help out a great cause and get some bad ass sunglasses?! Save 50% off Shady Rays when you purchase 2 pairs with discount code Rave50

Be sure to follow them on social media for new products and updates along with other great deals!img_2580  Twitter/Instagram; @shadyrays

Check out the product review from other BibRave Pros!

Katy Corey Brenda, and Renee

Disclaimer: I received my Shady Rays X-Series Sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


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VDot certified! I am a VDot  Certified coach with over 11 years of coaching experience! I have worked with young beginners in the middle school level, high school athletes who have gone on to compete at national Division I championships, and adults runners of all abilities.   For more information click here

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