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Competitive runner based out of Kansas City. I am passionate about helping runners reach their goals through fluent communication and sound coaching principles. High School and Collegiate Athlete. I have 11 years of coaching experience from middle school aged students through master levels. Beginners to state champions. Runners who enjoy being fit and staying healthy to Boston Qualifiers and athletes chasing Olympic standards. My passion is helping hard working runners achieve their goals.

RunCanvas Coaching is seeking passionate runners of ALL ABILITIES, who are:

-Committed to challenging their mind, body and spirit through the gift of running.

-Willing to engage in frequent two-way open communication in an effort to partner with a qualified coach that will build a custom plan, then guide you through the entire training cycle.

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What People are Saying

“I’ve been trained by her for the past 4weeks and I enjoy the program. I just hit the ‘runner blues syndrome’ after my last race on October 2019, and Jannel’s program is very enjoyable so far. Thank you, Coach!”

Rismania Veradiza 

Her customized plans are well-rounded and they work! She listens to what you want and meets you where you’re at. Her workouts are detailed and she always explains why she’s having you do something. She makes adjustments when you need them. She’s always accessible and responds super quick. Awesome coach!!

Candice Dillion

RunCanvas Coaching Products

RunCanvas Coaching offers coaching services to help running of ALL abilities reach their training goals. We offer a large variety of packages to meet the budge, lifestyle and training needs of each individual.


Phone, Skype or in-person consultations with certified running coach

Customized Training Plans

100% customized training plan built to help you reach YOUR running goal.

Private Coaching Packages

In person and online coaching packages

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