Boston Marathon Featured Runner-Amy Robbins #marathonmonday

I am so excited to feature another amazing Boston Qualifier! Every Monday until April, I will be featuring a runner that has qualified and currently training to run the Boston Marathon in April this year.

I am excited to give a voice and share the story of a few of these runners. Each story is unique and each journey is filled with moments of success and moments of struggle. My hope is each runner who shares will touch at least one person who is reading this. Gives one person hopes.

I can’t wait to follow, cheer and celebrate these awesome individuals. Our next featured runner is

Amy Robbins

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Amy is a marathon pro, running more marathons than she can count. She will be running her 11th consecutive Boston Marathon this year! WOW!

  • Can you first, give us your Boston marathon story.
    • I have always loved the Boston Marathon, even before I ran it. Just the allure of the unicorn. My first year to run Boston was 2013, the year of the bombing. Even though I had already finished the race I was still down there near the finish when they went off and I remember being overwhelmed with emotion. A few months after returning home and with the help of friends process the event, I was determined to go back the following year. I still feel that need to persevere, so I have returned every year since.
  • What do you look forward to most, about running the Boston Marathon?
    • It means the world to’s not just that day, but every day that I get up and run, all the miles that I complete in training for it. All the memories made with my running group and just knowing all the hard work that has gone into showing up on race day. Marathon Monday is truly the icing on the cake!
  • What do you look forward to most, about running the Boston Marathon?
    • Having ran it so many times I now try to pick up on things I may have missed, all the little details. I just love the city as well and the whole weekend has so many things to soak up. I love my shake out runs along the Charles River and now I am apart of the Unicorn club which allows me to get special transportation to Hopkinton and unique experiences to the Boston Marathon.
  • How will you define success, on race day?
    • Having ran the race in all kinds of weather, from cold to the monsoon and my nemesis HOT, I just try to do my very best on that day. That is success to me. Run, walk, crawl, get across that finish line!
  • Do you have a favorite product, clothing, or tech that you use for racing or training?
    • I LOVE Lululemon and truly think their products are highly technical. Body glide is a must and HOKA are my go to shoes!
  • Any advice for someone trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon or training for their first Boston Marathon?
    • Consistency is my best advice for anyone trying to BQ. Put in the work and it will come. Boston is a quad killer so downhill running is very helpful to prepare you for the downhill start and then having to climb the hills in Newton
  • What part of the marathon do you find the most challenging?
    • I just try to remember to go out easier and save the legs because you are so excited and with the downhill start it is  easy to go out too fast and then have your soul crushed later in the race.
  • What has been your favorite race (any distance) up until this point?
    • The Boston Marathon! That is why I keep going back. Other than that I love Dogwood Canyon 50K trail race!
  • Do you have any pre-race routines, rituals or good luck charms?
    • I usually eat 3 hours before a marathon, but Boston is challenging due to having to catch the bus 3 hours before your start time. I have had to tweak my nutrition over the years to find out what works best. Coffee, of course! I also like to do a little shake out and some strides before the start.
  • What (or who) inspires you as a runner??
    • I think my entire running group inspires me. I am usually dead last in our time trials, but that just means I have the biggest cheering squad! Runners supporting each other whether fast or slow. That is the most inspiring.

Amy inspires me with an amazing dedication to continued success. She no doubt has had to overcome many obstacles to maintain her Boston Marathon streak and complete a huge variety of distances over the years. I can not wait to follow her on Marathon Monday. Wish her luck!

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