Run with me in 23~! My 2023 New Years Resolutions.

I hate that resolutions are so cliche and many people cringe when they hear the word resolutions. That’s not me. I will continue to work and grow as a person through small behavioral changes that will hopefully build long term healthy habits that will leave me feeling more fullfilled.

One of my goals is to race at least 5 races this year. These will be strategically placed to keep up motivation and include some of my past favorites. I know I would love to race the KC marathon, and hopefully squeeze in a half marathon this spring as starters. The other races are a bit undecided and will depend on how my body responds to training ahead.

My second goal is to support my running with ancillary components such as mobility and “pre-hab” running drills that will help me be a more injury my resilient runner as the mileage begins to climb. Staring small with 3-5 key exercises twice a week I will build on these as the year progresses.

My third goal is to be a more social runner again. Running brought me more than the physical gifts. It gave me an entire community and life long friends. I miss that, so very much. I want begin joining my friends and group runs again. Starting small with twice a month as I have other commitments. My goal is to be able to attend 1-2 weeks as those commitments end and I continue to take things off my plate that I no longer find fullfilling.

My final goal is to share my journey. I hope by sharing my journey I can grow my running community, support other runners and add a bit of accountability to my own running. The race may be the destination but the journey is where the real adventure takes place.

What are your goals for 2023? Share them below!

I look forward to more weekly post. Follow my journey with weekly recaps each Sunday . You can also follow me on social media for daily posts. On Mondays I will be starting a new series, featuring runners who have qualified for the Boston Marathon and plan to toe the line at Hopkington in April. Wednesdays I will be sharing running advice as a certified running coach.

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