VDOT 02 Training App Review

As a Vdot Certified running coach, I rely on the VDOT app to push out workouts for my runners and communicate regularly. As many people head into the New year they may be looking for new tools to help them reach their next big goal.

I am going to take today to share some of the details and features of the app that would be useful for a runner looking to add more accountability and structure to their training plan. This can be done with or without the help of a coach.

Here is a quick overview of the features offered by the application.

  • Free to runners- downloading and using the VDot app is free and can be used by someone who is looking to create and log their own training.
  • Phone and desktop applications- you can use the app on your phone or access your VDOT calendar through your web browser. Personally, when I am loading workouts I prefer the web-based program. The phone app is great for on-the-go communication and having the workouts in the palm of your hand.
  • Smart Pacing- when you enter your data it creates a VDOT score based on Jack Daniels running formula. Your Vdot score helps to set your pace for a variety of workouts. The program offers three types of running workouts; easy, quality and race. Within the quality session the program has paces based on your Vdot score from the Jack Daniel’s formula, these include; repetition (R-pace), Interval (I-pace), Threshold (T-pace), Marathon pace, Easy pace (conversation or recovery pace). This makes programming almost any workout seamless and quick.

Your VDOT score is based on the successful running coach, Jack Daniels, running formula. This score is best calculated by a recent race but can also use other factors and be manually updated.

This score is then used to set up your training paces for a variety of workouts.

  • Customization – While the program has tons of options already built into the application that most runners can use to complete an entire training program. The program offers a lot of customization options as well. You can add new pacing types for any additional workouts you would like to complete. You can upload links and videos to the individual workout session. You can create customized cross-training including details strength training programs.
    • I have used this to load a run into my training calendar and a fun mobility video to complete afterward. This allows me to be out where ever I am and have that video in my workout calendar.
  • Compatibility-The data from your smartwatch can be brought into the VDot app. You can also use Strava. Giving you a single place to look at training plans, workout data, and feedback. It becomes the best digital running/workout journal. Making it even better, depending on your model of watch. You can sync the workouts to your watch and have the watch notify you of pacing and timing intervals. This makes doing structured workouts much easier. Taking you off the track and not constantly checking your GPS watch for pacing and time intervals.
  • Growth– Since I have started using this appliction, the product team has been great about taking feedback and suggestion and making them a reality. This program will only improve with time.

How to get even more out of the VDOT training app?

Work with a certified run coach who will be able to program all training directly into your personal Vdot calendar. Communication, details, and even videos or link can be pushed out to your personal device. Giving access to high-quality run coaching anywhere you are.

  • If you are interested in working with me as a VDOT-certified running coach click here!

The run coach pays a premium to use the app with additional features. These features share your workout data (pulled from Strava or your GPS watch) and give accuracy scores and details. This allows your coach to further customize your training. Cookie-cutter plans only take you so far. You need a plan catered to your individual needs.

I am not the only running coach available on the VDOT application. I would absolutely love to help you reach your next goal. However, if you would like to explore other options, check out the VDOT market place.


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Hi I am Janell! Avid runner and coach with 14 years of experience helping runners reach their goals. Wondering if working with a running coach is the right choice for you? Run coaching is available for ALL levels and paces. If you run, you are a runner. Hiring a running coach will help you to become stronger and more resilient – both physically and mentally.

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