Understanding Runners for Dummies- Chapter 4 “Traveling with your runner”

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Do you have a runner in your life? This fun, friendly guide to runners prepares you for this tough but terrific time. From the basics – housebreaking, feeding, training – to the latest on runner care, supporting your runner, and the new designer breeds of runners. You get everything you need to understanding their odd behaviors.

This is Chapter 4 of a series, be sure to check out Chapter 1 , Chapter 2 and Chapter 3

Chapter 4- traveling with your runner

Traveling can be an exciting and stressful time for your runner. The first trips are especially stressful.  Before you leave town, you need to understand that whether you are traveling for a race or for vacation, your runner plans to run during the trip.  Following these simple tips can help alleviate frustration and stress, for both you and your runner.

Planning ahead- Discuss with your runner the location and duration of the trip.  If the trip is not centered around racing, your runner will still want to run.  Discuss some options with your runner, maybe getting the long run or harder workouts out of the way before the trip or scheduling a down week while you’re out of town. This will allow your runner to more fully enjoy their time without hurting their training goals.  Check out the hotel amenities and running routes in the area to see what options will be available for your runner when you arrive in town. Safety first! It may be fun for your runner to join a local running store or group run.   Plan on your runner getting their run done first thing in the morning. While they are running, take some you time.  This will allow the stress of a run to be out of the way and your runner can enjoy their vacation more fully.  If you are traveling for a race, you need to plan some time to visit the expo.

Arriving/Departing– As soon as you arrive in town, have your runner sync their watch.  This will help avoid standing around waiting later.  This is especially helpful if you and your runner are traveling for a race.  Waiting until the start of the race is NOT the best time to sync a watch.  Traveling to and from can have your runner sitting for long periods of time, compression sleeves and other compression products are great for keeping  you runner comfortable.  Carry on all running essentials. This is extremely important if your runner is racing.

Eating- The advice for eating will greatly vary, depending on the purpose of your vacation.  If you are traveling for a race, you need to stick with simple and similar dishes leading up to the race.  Eating and traveling can cause a lot of tummy troubles for your runner and can cause some very embarrassing bathroom issues during their race.  Planning ahead and looking up restaurants can save your runner from this.  All runners can benefit from packing healthy snacks and eating a healthy breakfast at the hotel to help them get through their day.

*Check out this post on hacks on healthy food hacks that you can use while running.  My favorite is the hard boiled eggs in a coffee maker.

Racing- If you are traveling for a race, there are extra steps you can take to help your runner have a successful trip.  Leading up to the race, encourage hydration and look for activities that don’t have your runner on their feet for long periods of time.  Packing runner friendly food for the trip will help prevent bouts of “hangriness.”  If it can be avoided, traveling the day before the race and immediately after the race will greatly help your runner.  Renting a house or apartment can be a great way to save some money and help your runner prepare more healthful options.

Traveling should be an enjoyable for both our and your runner.  Taking these extra steps will help alleviate possible frustrations along the way.
Thank you so much for reading! Let me know if you have any other great traveling tips for runners.  Be ready for the last chapter of “Runners for Dummies” tomorrow!

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