Product Review- BUFF® DryFlx+ Collection

Disclaimer: I received a BUFF® DryFlx+ neck warmer and headband as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

Hello, todays product review seems so perfectly timed.  Here in KC we are waking up to super cold temperatures, a light dusting of snow and ice on the roads.  I know a lot of runners will he hitting the treadmills or skipping their runs. Today, I was excited to really put my Buff DryFlx neck warmer to the test. Running in the cold and wintery conditions comes with its own set of challenges. However, if you take the proper steps and dress correctly it can be such a beautiful and enjoyable run.

The solution

When running (or working out of any kind) in cold conditions you have to address two keep issues, staying warm and staying dry.  I have headed out to runs with clothes piled on because I wanted to be bundled up and warm, only to sweat midway through the run and end up freezing my tushy off.  Sometimes, less can be more.  The quality of the material you wear becomes so super important.

Enter, Buff DryFlx+

I was given the opportunity to try the Buff DryFlx+ neckwarmer and headband.  I jumped at this opportunity because I have so many “sports” headbands that just don’t work for me.  They are either too thin and do nothing for warmth or they are super warm and I sweat like crazy. Like the story, the Goldilocks, this DryFlx+ headband was just right.

The Buff DryFlx+ products are made out of a synthetic blend that is super fast at wicking the moisture away as you log your miles in cooler temperatures.  The materials is also super soft and stretchy giving it a really snug but comfortable fit. Another bonus is that the material has reflective material woven into the design.  Which helps with keeping you visible but also keeps the design looking good.  My only complaint is that there isn’t a purple and/or gold options so I can grab a pair for my XC team to rock out!




I tried out the headband over 3 weeks of running, which included a variety of temperatures. I get earaches pretty easily on moderately cooler days that have a bit of wind.  This headband was a life saver in those in between 40-50 degree days because of the fast moisture wicking performance. I also got to get in some freezing temps and the headband kept me warm despite being thinner than many of my other headbands.  The product would perform best in temps 25-50 degrees.  If it wear to get a bit colder I would consider the DryFlx+ hat.

For the neck warmer, it also performed really well.  I didn’t wear it for quite the same range of temperatures as I don’t typically start adding neckwarmers until we hit freezing temperatures.  The neck warmer is multifunctional as I was able to pull it up over my face when it was cold.  It fit snug on my face and was very breathable.  As I warmed up I pulled it down and kept it on my neck.   Again, because of the fast wicking material I didn’t over heat when I started to warm up and was able to stay sweat free.

Overall, this is a must have set for runners who want to get outside and run comfortably in colder weather. Paired with the correct apparent choices you can run outside all winter long.

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10 thoughts on “Product Review- BUFF® DryFlx+ Collection

  1. Wow, I just literally read an article about how you burn way more calories training in the cold over thermo-neutral temps. So, I have been debating training outdoors during the winter but I HATE THE COLD! However, I do need to get back on track and cant wait til the spring so the Buff DryFlx+ neckwarmer and headband might just what I need. I am not 100% sold on the neckwarmer. Dont get me wrong, it looks like it works great but I hate scarfs. But I love a good headband that protects my ears.


    1. really interesting indeed!! I have always wondered why so many people work out in colder temperatures but this makes sense. This is impressive gear also!


  2. I love how versatile this looks! I have just recently realised that I must have left my own band in New Zealand and its a bit of a long trip back to get it so have been on the look out for a new one. It’s definitely made the consideration list 🙂


  3. This sounds like a pretty cool product. I am always cold so I could definitely see the use of this in my life. I can also wear the neck warmer as a mask during this covid time. Truly a win win.


  4. This product is a good one. You can use it in different ways too. I own something like this too and yeah, I normally used it in my everyday hustle especially this time that we are under this situation.


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