RunCanvas 4 year celebration

Wow, I can not believe it has been 4 years since I started this blogging adventure. I started this as an opportunity to share my running journey and connect with other runners. I am just so obsessed with the running community and constantly looking for ways to connect with my “tribe” like minded people.

A lot has changed over the last 4 years and I plan to build on that growth into the new year. Over the last 4 years I have chased goals, over came injuries and built a Coaching business through this blog. I am looking forward to what the next 4 years and many more has ahead. Because 2020 can just go away already, right?!

Boston Marathon was a huge force behind my blogging adventure. I can’t wait for things to return to a somewhat relative normal and take on the Boston Course again.

Looking toward the future RunCanvas will see a new look in the next week, new products and a new line up of content I have been working on for months.

  • New products- including more comprehensive training plans that will continue to be fully customized with added components of a full strength program and injury prevention regiment
  • New content to reach a whole new group of readers and bring back those I have loved over the years. Content will be posted on a weekly schedule. This will allow some accountability on my end and the predictability for followers to find the information they are looking for.
  • New look, will be released after Christmas, hoping to clean up the look and make the site more user friendly.
  • Onsite purchases, we will continue to work through the VDOT marketplace while also allowing followers to purchase products with in the RunCanvas site.
  • Video content and Subscribers only content will be unlocked for all RunCanvas athletes.

I am so excited to reconnect with the online running community at a deeper level for 2021. What kind of stuff do you like to read about?

I have rejoined as a BIbRave Pro this year. I am excited to share new products and discounts. Be sure to check out the discount page!

Got a running related blog? Share you link below so I can follow and connect!


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Hi I am Janell! Avid runner and coach with 14 years of experience helping runners reach their goals. Wondering if working with a running coach is the right choice for you? Run coaching is available for ALL levels and paces. If you run, you are a runner. Hiring a running coach will help you to become stronger and more resilient – both physically and mentally.

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