Running Base Training weekly recap- week 1

Woah, so much has happened and it almost feels like the world has been turned upside down. After a long year and some personal struggles with anxiety and depression. It is weird to be facing a pandemic with more clarity and happiness than I have had in a long time. Getting back to what I love about running has been a big step to healing. With things being a bit unpredictable, now is a great time to turn a negative into a positive and focus on building a strong endurance base and include other training components that will elevate my training when races start becoming more predictable.

My short term goals include rebuilding my endurance base over the next 6-8 weeks. Beyond just mileage, I also want to be better about including dynamic warm ups, form drills, strides, hill reps and strength training. After the eight week base building, I will have a better idea of my fitness and can plan the next stage of training. Long term, I am thinking I would like to return to Boston Marathon 2021. The extended qualifying window, means I do not have to find a late summer qualifier which is a huge plus.

Monday– Double Dip!

AM-5.02 miles

PM- 5 miles

Tuesday– 7.01 Miles

Wednesday-Double Dip!

AM- 5.00 miles

PM-3.07 Miles

Thursday-6.10 Miles

Friday-3.00 Miles

Saturday- 12.00 Miles

Sunday-4.00 Miles

Total Mileage-50.2 miles

Along with mileage I completed a complete dynamic warm up each day, strides 2x and ab/core work 2x. This week my focus will be on including more ancillary training to compliment the running I am doing and I will be going back to the weight room.

So how are you using this time to train? Are you training differently now, compared to pre-covid training?

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12 thoughts on “Running Base Training weekly recap- week 1

  1. Congrats on returning to running. Not just a way to a healthy body but a good way to release stress as well. Well done!


  2. This is such an inspiring place. I have never really run, but I could walk with you when you are running.


  3. You such a wonderful woman. I could never do base camp, I have different tastes in exercising. But, it is great to hear what you can do! Keep on going!


  4. Wow, congrats to you as you could live as healthy as this. This routine is definitely a good one to reach your desired posture and body shape, ofcourse stamina and breathing.


  5. This post reminds me to go back to the daily workout routine that I usually do before the pandemic. Keep on going girl and keep inspiring other.


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