RunCanvas Testimonials

“Janell is an absolute pro in running and coaching. Five stars are not enough for her. I did not expect distance training to bring such results. Janell conducts various trainings. It is never boring. I was inspired by the fact that I noticed that my pace is growing, HR is falling, and VoMax is growing. I couldn’t believe the results would be visible so quickly. Running has become a part of everyday pleasure. Janell controls the training load and the feeling that I am not running alone. And this is encouraging. I highly recommend Janelle as a coach. Light legs to everyone.”

Dmitry Kuznetsov

“I thought Janelle was great. Any questions I had she answered fast same day and with a lot of thought and input. I had a goal I set for myself to run a 3:35:00 marathon and I was able to achieve a 3:29:46. She got me to where I wanted to be and them some. She gave me time that I should aim for for each mile that worked for me and what I am capable of. I am very happy with my results. Thanks!”

Megan Giguere

Coach McKinney has been awesome to work with. Always quick to respond to my questions. Looking forward to continuing to work with her.

WEs Ferraiuolo

“Janell listened to my goal and created a training program that help me to not only succeed but smash it. She will help you make adjustments as needed and is encouraging along the way. I just started my second season with her!

Jessica Scherer

Her customized plans are well-rounded and they work! She listens to what you want and meets you where you’re at. Her workouts are detailed and she always explains why she’s having you do something. She makes adjustments when you need them. She’s always accessible and responds super quick. Awesome coach!!”

Candice Dillion

“Janell perfectly balanced a tough, results oriented coach with being flexible. Her expertise was quickly seen through creative and challenging workouts. With her help, I shaved over 6 minutes off my half marathon PR and plan to use her again. Thanks, Janell!”

Nate White

I’ve been trained by her for the past 4weeks and I enjoy the program. I just hit the ‘runner blues syndrome’ after my last race on October 2019, and Jannel’s program is very enjoyable so far. Thank you, Coach!

Rismania Veradiza

Awesome coach! Once I am back from injury I will ask her to coach me again!

Robert Felicetti

“You have probably heard the phrase, practice makes perfect. Well I’ve found that this is not entirely true, especially if you’re doing it wrong to begin with. But it’s just running, right? Put one leg in front of the other and keep going. You’ll get better and faster very soon, you’ll often hear. Nope. The reality is, you’ll see improvement for sure, but after a while you’ll most likely plateau, or end up injured like me. “
“It’s safe to say that Janell knew what she was doing

Alastair Vance

Check out Alastair’s full Blog Review Here

“It was a good month, covered a lot of miles, and feeling great! Training with Runcanvas has really stepped up my ability to just run and to enjoy the sport versus pushing myself to the limit every time I step out the door. Yes, there are intervals and some speed sessions, but nothing that completely drains me that I dread any workout. Highly recommend!”

Ken Stands on Things, blogger

“Janelle’s coaching has been exactly what i needed to reach my goals. She is beyond amazing.”

Stephen Losey

“I’ve been working with Coach Janell McKinney for the last few weeks and my experience has been great. Coach McKinney is very helpful and responsive to questions.”

Joe Nmic

“Been nearly a month working with Janell, Really enjoyed having a set plan ready for the week that goes straight onto my watch and tells me exactly what to do. Its nice to have structure to my training and working towards a goal. Would definitely recommend.”

Sean cardall

“Excellent program, motivation, follow through… Weekly schedules ahead of time with very helpful details… Enjoy working with her”

Gulsum Rustemoglu

“The workouts are specific to your current fitness and are updated weekly based on how well the previous week’s training. Janell is responsive to the feedback you post on each workout. I like how she gives you a note on why you are doing a specific workout for each day of the week. I was in shape before I started, but I feel much stronger and confident about running after 5 weeks of training.”

Robert Davis

Published by RunCanvas

Hi I am Janell! Avid runner and coach with 14 years of experience helping runners reach their goals. Wondering if working with a running coach is the right choice for you? Run coaching is available for ALL levels and paces. If you run, you are a runner. Hiring a running coach will help you to become stronger and more resilient – both physically and mentally.

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