AfterShoks Trek Airs Product Review

Disclaimer: I received an Trekz Air Titanium Wireless Headphones to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

I was so excited to try out the Aftershoks Trek Airs Bone Conduction head phones.  I know running with headphones in isn’t always the safest option, but it allows me to check out and really use my run as a way to relax.  The Aftershoks bone conduction technology takes away that safety hazard leaving your ears unplugged and more aware of your surroundings.


Getting Started

When first unboxing the product I was nervous about the larger band that would go around the back of my head. I wasn’t sure the size of the band would fit my child sized head. It was not a problem at all.  They have a nice sleek look and sit well doing almost any activity.  I choose the Canyon Red, but would happily received any of the offered colors.

Using the Headphones

The headphones are wireless and connect to your phone via Blue Tooth. This is a huge must for me.  I hate running with wires.  They get tangled up, sticky from the massive amount of sweat and they always fall out. I have an Iphone X and I found the directions and process extremely easy.  Compared to some other Bluetooth products, the connectivity was awesome. Never once did the Bluetooth connection skip out or loose connection. Also the battery life seems pretty solid.


The battery life was great, I found myself able to use the headphones for housework, running and laying pool side multiple times a day and could go a couple days without recharging.  I never reached a low or dead battery, which was awesome.  The website says the Trek Airs give you about 6 hours of continuous music, which should cover a good majority of runners daily use.


Bone Conduction Technology

The question I am sure you are most curious about, I know I was.  How about the bone conduction?  It was great. There are two small speakers on the size of the headphones.  When not placed against your cheek bone, you could hear the sound.  When place correctly, the headphones played the music through your cheek bones.  They could not be heard by others and left my ears completely open and able to take in all of the sounds around me.  This is great news for runners who like to race with headphones.  Many races who have previously banned headphones for safety reasons, are beginning to allow bone conduction headphones.


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