Run Safety – 12 tips to help keep you safe while on the run


I’ll be honest, before I started coaching I didn’t take running safety super serious.  I rolled my eyes when my “nagging” coach would bring up the issues.Working with high school students who are constantly out on the road on their own. I feel a bit maternal towards all of my girls.  I constantly worry about their safety while running with the team, and even more when they are on their own.  I have a wonderful family that I need to return safely too.  People I love and who rely on me making the best choices.  Today I am going to share 12 simple tips to help keep you safe while out on the run.

  • Run Safety Products-  Yesterday I posted my Sabre Safety Product Review.  I was able to carry Pepper Spray Gel and a personal alarm on the run without feeling like I was taking additional items on the run.  Small and lightweight I didn’t even notice them.
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  • Practice Road Safety- If you plan to hit the pavement then you need to ensure that you are following the rule of the road. This includes; run facing the traffic, make eye contact with drivers, be cautious at intersections, and run on sidewalks when available.


  • Run with Friends- There are so many reasons to run with friends, including safety. Don’t have a human companion to join? Consider running with your favorite pup.


  • Change up your routine- Don’t be too predictable. Running the same routine can make you an easier target.  Change up your running route, location and time of day.


  • Stay alert- Be away of your surrounding and and run with confidence.  Many “bad guys” are looking for easy targets.


  • Be Visible-  Where clothes that are bright colors. If you are running in the early morning or night then you should consider reflective clothing.  Wearing a head lamp and clip on lights are also a great way to help you be seen.


  • Share you running plans/location with someone-  Tell a loved one where you are going and when you can be expected to return.  Even better there are great apps now that can share you location in real time.


  • Carry your phone- Even if you choose not to have a GPS location tracker taking your phone can be very helpful in case of a safety or health emergency on the run.


  • Keep you ears unplugged- It’s easy to say, don’t run with headphones. Many runners, just don’t enjoy running this way.  A great compromise is bone conduction headphones such as Aftershokz. I absolutely love mine and I can listen to music without having my ears plugged. img_2542


  • Carry ID- There are many ways you can do this. Simply carrying your drivers liscense is an easy option.  If you prefer not to carry you ID, another great option is products such as Road ID or 1BandID. Both offer a variety of options like bracelets, watch accessories and shoe accessories that have you personal and emergency contact information listed.


  • Listen to the little voice inside-  If something in your gut is telling you the situation doesn’t feel right, listen.

Even thinking about run safety makes me uneasy.  It doesn’t help that I have watched every episode of Law and Order SVU over 50 times.  Totally obsessed with Olivia Benson. Runners are the target of way too many episodes. Unfortunately, even when following every single one of theses safety tips, things can still go wrong. The goal is to lower your risk as much as possible.

What do you do to ensure you are safer while on the run? Comment below! Be sure to like and subscribe! 


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