Running tips for rainy weather

Yesterday I gave a super short post on the benefits of heading outside in less than ideal conditions for a training run. Train for the worst, so you can run your best!  Whether your goal race is Boston Marathon or a smaller scaled local race. You are taking time to prepare for that race and you should develop skills that make you a more well rounded runner. Practicing in the elements allows you to be prepared for a variety of race days conditions along with making you a mentally stronger runner no matter what race day brings.  So put on your big girl ( or big boy) pants and run in the rain!

Here are some tips to make running in the rain, more enjoyable.

  • Wear a slicker! A vented rain jacket that will allow air to flow through while also keeping you dry. These things can trap a lot of body heat as you get running, so don’t worry about finding one that offers any sort of warmth or insulation. You will not want that additional warmth during a warm summer rain.
  • Dress for the temperatures-  It easy to see the cooler rain and want to add an on extra layers. However, you will warm up, the rain jacket will trap in your body heat and you begin sweating, it will only make the problem worse.  Dress as you would for the weather, if it were not raining, and then add on your shell/slicker.
  • Keep your head dry!   Wear a hat with a brim to keep your head dry and water out of your eyes while you are running. If it’s raining a bit harder and you have a slicker, pull the hood up as well.
  • Be Visible!  It’s always a good idea for runners to think about visibility for safety reasons, but it is even more imperative when it is raining and visibility is lowered.  My rain jacket is bright orange, its not a fashion statement.
  • Say no to chaffing! Pre-lube/Body Glide up any areas that have caused issue in the past. Just in case, I carry a Chapstick size body lube in my flip belt when on longer runs so that I can touch up any hot spots.
  • Take care of your feet.  While shoes are usually the star of the show, in rainy weather it is all about the socks.   Avoid cotton and stick with socks that are specifically designed for running.  I absolutely love my Swiftwick socks on rainy days. They are thinner and have never caused an issue.
  • Ditch the electronics. Even the best laid plans can fail. My sweet husband put his phone in a Ziplock bag and water still managed to get in and ruin his phone.  I am pretty sure I assured him it would be fine, too.
  • Change immediately after your run. Even if you aren’t cold yet,  as your body temperature cools back down you will get cold very quickly.  A nice warm shower will do wonders, also.
  • Consider loops- On long rainy runs, I will complete shorter loops allowing me to dress or undress as the weather changes. Change socks or shoes if any blisters start creeping in and towel off my face or anything else to keep the run more comfortable.
  • Most importantly, Have fun!  Bring back the inner child and have a little bit of fun with it.  Toward the end of your run splash in a few puddles and pretend the rain drops are lemon drops and gum drops.  Choose to have a great run!



What are your favorite running weather conditions? What are your least favorite conditions? Comment below!  If you enjoy the content, check out some of my other posts! Be sure to subscribe for more!



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