Train for the worst, so you can run your best!

Rain, wind, snow and yo-yo temperatures.  It seems like we experienced all four seasons in the 48 hour weekend here in KC. The only thing predictable about Midwest weather, is that it is quite unpredictable.  So while many athletes are taking it indoors.  As long as safety isn’t compromised, I encourage my athletes to head outdoors and brave the elements most of the time.   Train through the worst conditions, so on race day, you can run your best.

When you are prepared for everything, you will be scared of nothing.  Now that it is April and we are nearing Marathon Monday (Boston Marathon).  What a better example of goal races with less than ideal weather conditions.  I had a great number of friends in attendance last year many with stories of triumphs and some with stories of misery.  Ok, maybe a few whose story included both.

Some runners were prepared, mentally tough and forged through gross conditions with new PRs or remarkable stories of overcoming adverse conditions. Not to mention huge bragging rights to saying they were at the historic 2018 Boston Marathon.

It’s not a complete correlation, but athletes who are willing to go out in less than ideal conditions and avoid making excuses during training.  They will fair far better when things go wrong on race day. It’s a little bit about learning to run in those weather conditions and much more about building mental fortitude. There are races that will be hotter than ideal, raining, windy or freezing.  Prepare yourself for all possibilities and remember every chance to run is a chance to get better!


Running in crappy weather gives you bragging rights as well! Some of the times my running friends laugh the hardest about are the crappy weather days.  My friend Ben and I ran into ice pelting us in the face, what seemed no matter what direction we ran.  With a bit of morbid sarcasm me manged through and frequently joke about our match with the ninja star snow.

Last summer I had a run, that for some reason I was absolutely dreading.  With heavy winds and rain forecasted, I wanted to do anything else but run.  It took some serious will power to get started and I reflect back on that run as a break through run for me. I ran fast and felt good after a bit of a stale period. Subsequent runs went remarkable well, also.  It may have been just the mental break from ungodly heat that I needed.

So get outside and face the challenge. When you are done, raise your head proud because you are a bad ass runner!

I have already posted tips for running in the winter. Check it out!  I plan to follow up with tips for running in the rain tomorrow, training tips for the heat later this week and then how and when to adjust your workouts when it is windy.


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