20 weeks until…. Grandma’s Marathon

I have been a bit quiet as I flip flopped on what I want my spring racing and training to look like.  Overall, there are a lot of super awesome spring races but my time gets super limited when track season with my high school team starts.  I have finally narrowed it down to two goal races this spring/summer.

My typical favorite spring half marathon (Rock the Parkway) is the same weekend as the NSTA convention for science teachers. This conflict had me looking for other races in the Midwest that didn’t conflict with my track meets as well.

I have decided to race a brand new event, the Valley 7 lakes Half marathon. This course was designed to be fast! I think it will be a great check point race for me as my goal race this training cycle will be Grandma’s Marathon! 

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I am super excited to race Grandma’s Marathon as it has been on the marathon bucket list for a while.  Every year I see a handful of KC runners go and I always am super jealous. It’s a fast net down hill course, and everyone who has raced it, always talks about how beautiful the course is.

Going into these races and this training cycle I am going “back to basics” a bit. I feel like I need as step back before I can more forward. I am focusing less on my finishing time at the races, and really looking at overall growth as a runner and enjoying the processes much more this time around.  How am I mixing things up?

I have decided to cut out or at least cut back on the early speed work. I plan to get a good 6-8 weeks of solid base building in before introducing speed work.  During this phase I will be focusing on building mileage, and getting stronger and healthier.  My goal is to complete strides 2-3 times a week along with short hill sprints twice a week. I plan to be more diligent in my strength training and mobility drills.

Once I have that base foundation set, I think my body will be better equipped to handle the demands of different types of speed, interval and threshold training as I go into the half marathon.   Along with taking time to enjoy running with friends and not spending months on end completing workouts by myself that left me a bit mentally over worked.  As this is how I felt during the last two marathon cycles I have completed.

I hope you will follow me over the next 20 weeks as I tackle this new cycle.  You will find my weekly recaps every Sunday along with regular tips and tricks throughout the upcoming weeks.

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