My 2019 Running Resolutions

Happy New Year! The world seems divided into two types of people.  Those who love New Years resolutions, and those who think they are dumb.  Well I am a total optimist and I love the clean slate and hopeful attitude that surrounds New Year and resolutions.

2018 was great, it was full of ups and downs, triumphs and failures.  While I didn’t reach my big, gigantic goal, yet. I made a lot of personal growth along the way which is just as important.  I look forward to taking those lesson from 2018, so that I can be better and stronger when I am chasing my dreams in 2019.

Here is my list of 2019 goals and resolutions

Running goals

  • Qualify for the Olympic Trials in the Marathon – This is will be my only time goal this year.  Its my big, big pie in the sky unicorn dream
  • 3,000 total miles for the year- This is about 500 more miles than I completed in 2018.  While, yes, it is a big jump I also had some inconsistencies that could have filled that gap.  So, really, the 3,000 miles goal is less about increasing mileage and more about consistent training.
  • Race more- this may seem like an odd goal, for someone who wants to focus on a big task like qualifying for the trials. However, I miss racing for fun. I don’t know where or when it happened but I started to fear showing up to a race and not feeling 100%. Even worse when I did, I felt like I had a self sabotaging mind set that would allow me to perform my best for that day to to enjoy the activity I love.  SO, I  am going to race more for fun. Race myself into shape.  Run a few races on tired legs and let loose a bit when things don’t go right.  I think this will also have a huge impact on some of my race day anxiety.  Running CIM was a huge eye opener for me, I  forgot to enjoy what I was doing.
  • Shorter Training Cycles-  I am going to break my training up into small, bite size pieces.  I think by doing so I will enjoy the process more and get to the line less wound up.
  • More of the other stuff- Ya know, that super important stuff that coaches talk about but we don’t always do. Cross training, plyos, strides, hill sprints, hurdle hip mobility drills, strength training.  The little stuff really does make a big difference.  I get into something for a while and then when I get deep into a training cycle, life gets crazy the little things fall off.  Just as I would plan and log miles. I have  set up a tracking system to emphasis these components during my different training cycles.

Blogging and Coaching Goals

  • Grow my blog readership and increase my engagement with readers and followers.  I’ll be more deliberate, about actively connecting with the online running community.  I love it so much, as with anything time becomes an issue and its the first thing to fall off.
  • Help more runners fall in love with running and reach their goals through  my online coaching business.  I love sharing my passion and helping other reach their goals. This amount of time I spend with runners leaves me so fulfilled and I want to return that back to our community
  • Instagram?-  I think I want to be more deliberate in capturing my running journey through pictures and sharing on social media.  I think putting a face the story really helps reader get to know me. I just also, really hate taking pictures of myself.  I feel silly when people “catch” me taking post run selfies. Like, I am probably to old for this stuff.

So, that is my list of goals for 2019.  Aside from me crazy goal of hitting the trials standard, the other things are little changes that I think will make a big difference.  What are you goals for 2019?  Do you like making 2019 goals/resolutions?


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