Weekly Running Log-12/10-12/16

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 I completed my VDOT02 coaching certification and now my coaching packages can be found on my website as well as the VODT02 coaches market place.  This will allow me to continue to feature customized training plans, along with pre-built training plans for a variety of distances.  I truly want to offer packages that meet the needs of all runners looking to improve and grow.  I can’t wait to release the new options later this week!

VDot certified!

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Another easier week as I continue to recover from California International, I plan to ramp of the mileage from here pretty quickly. I am feeling awesome now and with Christmas break just a few days away, its a good time to increase mileage safely through some easy doubles and some basic quality training sessions.

Here is my weekly Recap

img_1207Monday- 3 miles @ 7:30 pace + 6 x hill sprints

 Caught the high school girls at the end of their run and then joined them for some hill sprints.  These are similar to strides but really allow you to build on the strength and running form with out really exhausting yourself. It was a stressful day and the start of this run was pretty cruddy feeling. However, when I got to hill sprints I felt much better and stronger.  It seemed like my body was craving that change of speed.

Tuesday- 7 miles @ 6:39 average pace

I joined a fartlek session with my high school girls.  Nothing crazy, a few sets of figure 8s on the turf. The set up of the workout and the change of surface was perfect for a return to speed work.  Kept it more in the moderate range, I was feeling pretty great.  Then tacked on a few bonus miles at the end to get some mileage in.

Wednesday- 4 easy on the treadmill average pace 8:01

I had and early morning meeting before school and another after school, so I planned on a super easy 4 miles just to keep the consistency.

Thursday- Scheduled Rest Day

Friday- 6 easy on the treadmill average 7:44 pace

Hopped on the treadmill for an easy 6 miles. Feeling tired after a bunch of fun labs at school this week.

Saturday-  USRDimg_1352

Dropped the ball. I have planned to get up and run, and that didn’t happen.  It was easy for me to push back to the 50 degree afternoon, until the hubby got called into work.  Instead I took my kiddo out to WinterFest at Worlds of Fun.  This is what happens when I am training without much structure.  It was worth it though, we had a great time! I will never regret the time spent making memories with my little princess.

Sunday-10 miles- 10 miles at 7:52 pace

Solid run that felt super easy.  Joined my runner buddy, colleague on some afternoon miles. It was perfect running weather. Low 50s, sun was shinning and we basically ran through the sunset getting to see some really pretty views along the trail.  We also think we saw a squirrel jump to his death when he saw a dog coming, not even kidding.

Total- 30 miles

Your going to see quite the boost in miles from me this next week.  I am ready to jump back into training.  I am glad I took the last two weeks off and nice and easy. I will adjust my plans if I feel any lingering fatigue but as of now I am feeling super awesome and I am wanting that structure back.

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