Weekly Wrap Up- Post Marathon 12/3-12/9

Last week I ran California International Marathon, and I had a blast!   You can read all about it here!I don’t have a whole lot to write about as far as training recap.  1 week post marathon, so the mileage was low and the pace was easy.  I was pretty beat up after this race. Totally makes sense looking at how much my mileage completely crashed the weeks leading up to the race.


Here’s a quick snap shot of my recovery week

Monday- Scheduled rest day

Travel day, no training.  The plane ride back was pretty miserable, I could tell by the moans and groans that I was not alone.  The time change from San Francisco to Kansas City seemed to make things worse. I was super glad to return home to my little princess and puppies.

Tuesday-Scheduled rest day

Back to work, no training.  Focused on getting back into my work routine and took another rest day.  No rush for me.

Wednesday- 3.28 miles  @ 7:44 pace

First run back.  Grabbed some miles with my high school track girls.  I actually felt pretty awesome, until we hit this giant down hill on the way back to school  Other than that, it was an easy 3 miler.

Thursday- 3.01 miles @8:01 pace

I decided a treadmill run was a better option for recovery.  The softer ground and lack of elevation made the run feel pretty normal.

Friday- Scheduled Rest Day

Stayed late working on the classroom and really in no rush to get a small run in.

Saturday- 6 miles at 8:15 pace

Felt pretty easy, some leg tightness crept in at the end on the down hills again.

Sunday- 3.45 miles at 9:03 pace

Combo run/walk.  Honestly I joined a crew at the gym mostly to keep the routine and for social time and less about training.


So I got in a super easy 7 days and I am ready to begin what I consider a reverse taper back into some quality workouts.  I am chomping at the bit to pick some new races and continue to work toward my big goal.

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