RunCanvas weekly wrap up – November 12th-18th

It’s been a while since I have done a weekly wrap up, but I miss these simple posts and it honestly adds a bit of accountability for myself.  After a round of the flu, followed by an upper respiratory infection. This week I was finally feeling like myself again.  I decided to start slow and focus not only on running but also on all the other little things that support a quality running base.  

Honestly, I am completing things based a lot more on interest and my mood at this point and will wait to add structure to my workouts late December or January.  Ironically, I always end up with pretty solid workout and my mileage usually climbs fairly easily when I just run and workout based on feel 

Here was what my week looked like

  • Monday 6 miles @ 7:19 pace + lower body/glute exercises
    • I had planned on 4 miles but ended up with 6 as I started a new audio book (How Bad Do You Want It? By Matt Fitzgerald) and I wanted to complete one more chapter.img_0808
    • After the run I complete a few simple exercises; calf raises, butt bridges, plank lifts, lunges, squats and donkey kicks.  I had intended to take a few insta-worthy pics but I get self conscious when others are at the gym.


  • Tuesday- 6.02 miles @ 7:37 +strides+abs
    • Grabbed some easy miles with my teammate and co-worker.  It is a cooler day but once we got running it was pretty darn nice.  After the run I did 4 x 10 second strides to get a little bit of turn over.  My plan is to be more consistent with these and build on them as the winter goes on.
    • After I went back home, my daughter joined me for a short core workout on the stability ball.  She loves joining me for my at home workout activities and I love showing her how much fun an active lifestyle can be.

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  • Wednesday- 6 miles @ 7:14 pace +squat session
    • Joined KC Running Company group run for a stride workout/run.  Pretty easy gong evening and group.  We did 6 miles and every half mile we through in a 60 a second surge.
    • After the run Caleb led us in a fun squat session to the song “Relax.”

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  • Thursday- 5.68 miles @ 7:50
    • I thought I was going to be running solo today but luckily a friend messaged us that afternoon looking for some company and I jumped at the chance. We got in a really chill run on a trail by my house.  We ran by time and got in 45 minutes. When I am base building I like to run a lot more by time verse distance and will probably continue that a lot more through this next training cycle.
    • After my run I got in another core stability workout with my mini workout out partner.  I was feeling lazy but she begged me, and I was pretty glad she did.
  • Friday- Scheduled Rest Day
    • Did a random Yoga for Runners video I found on YouTube. My kiddo started with me but I think the slower movement in yoga leaves her bored. She wandered off about half what through the 15 minutes video.

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  • Saturday- 15.90 miles @ 8:05 +Insanity
    • I kind of, sort of hosted a group run with a local running crew called RUNbelievable.  I just really wanted to start building a consistent group run through the winter that catered to a large variety of runners and differences.  This group was started with that idea and use to host great group runs and tons of runners would join.  I am hoping consistency and continued promotion will allow that group to grow to that again.  Thanks for those who joined us this weekend.
    • After the group run, my daughter wanted to do a workout video with me.  We busted out our old Insanity video and did the Cardio Power and resistance workout. I was surprised, for a lengthy video and workout, she stuck with it.  She of course, added her own spin and it was adorable.   I was quite sore after.


  • Sunday 12.13 @ 7:22
    • I joined some local speedsters for some easy miles on Sunday. I was feeling a bit tired though and decided to pull back the pace on the second half, my run buddy Ben.  It was fun chatting with a couple ladies that will be heading to CIM and racing shortly.


The temperatures were definitely lower than average this week but overall it was pretty solid running weather.  I think the limited wind kept it pretty enjoyable.

Looking forward to-  This week I am looking forward to family coming in town and some time away from work.  The weather also looks like it will be a tad warmer and closer to average for this time of year.  Lots of miles with friends! Plus I picked up another book at the library that I can’t wait to dig into!img_0869

What are you looking forward to this week? Any big holiday plans?

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This week I’m linking up with Wendy and Holly for the Weekly Wrap.

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16 thoughts on “RunCanvas weekly wrap up – November 12th-18th

    1. I am in the first chapter of the 80/20 book but I like it so far. I think it will be a super quick read as a few chapters are plans. The other book I am almost done and ❤️ love ❤️ love ❤️ love it! A review will be coming for both


  1. Nice week of training! I read How Bad Do You Want it but not 80/20. I host a monthly running book club on my blog. It’s ridiculously informal, really just a book review. But kind of a labor of love for me. I’d love to hear what you think of 80/20. Keep linking with us–it’s such a great community!


  2. Great week of workouts for you! Your daughter is killing it on that ball! So cute. I read How Bad Do You Want it a while ago but still crack it open for motivation sometimes. They were forecasting more mild weather for Thanksgiving but they’ve since backed off and now it’ll be consistently cooler than normal. Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. While it will warm back up by the weekend, for Thanksgiving it’s going to be like 20 degrees below normal. And windy. But at least sunny! I am still debating running outside . . . it really all comes down to time.

    Your mini is adorable & that’s wonderful that you are instilling in her a love of movement. Growing up I avoided most activity like the plague. 🙂


  4. Great week of training! 12 miles after 15.9 is very impressive for base building. I admit I’ve been slacking on the things that support a quality running base. I do agree about the weekly wraps adding accountability. I’m so glad you joined with us and hope you’ll find some connections in our linkup.


  5. I love that your little one loves to workout with you! My sons were like that when they were little and they both still run and workout. You’re setting such a huge example for her and don’t realize it now, but are making such an impact on her future attitude toward working out. Good job, momma! 🙂


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