Running tips for winter weather

It’s my 100th blog post!  I feel like I should celebrate somehow.

I am not sure we had much of a “fall” here in the Kansas City area.  Maybe a 2-3 week window and then super cold temperatures and snow blew in pretty much over night.  Winter training is  important for runners looking for spring PRs and goal races.  Winter running doesn’t have to be a negative.  Being prepared can actually make winter running one of the best times of the year for solid base phase training.

Here are some quick tips and tricks for getting through the winter months and actually ENJOYING it!

  • Dress appropriately!- This is one of the biggest factors.  Runners don’t know how to dress for a variety of temperatures.  There are many images and links that can give you an idea, but a lot of it is really personal preferences.  Dress for temperatures that are 15-20 degrees warmer, layers are your friend!  Utilizing synthetic materials that wick moisture away from your body.  If there is wind, a light shell jacket will help a ton.  Shirts and jackets with a zipper are also a great option as you can move the zipper up and down to act as a sort of thermostat. Again this is very preferential. I don’t like to run in too many articles of restricting clothes, so I will stay in shorts and a long sleeve until sub 20 degree temps.  One of my super talented running buddies, on the other hand, will be in layers on layers in 40 degrees as she prefers to run warmer.
  • Warm up- Start your run easy as your muscles and lunges adjust to the cooler temperatures.  If you are getting a medium or longer run in, do a small loop our out and back and then drop off some layers as your body warms up.
  • Mind the footing- If there is ice or snow on the ground, there are a variety of ways to add stability to your footing which will allow you to run a bit more safely.  My personal preference is adding hexagonal screws to the bottom of my shoes.  You can learn more on my previous post, Screw your running shoes! 
    • Accessories–  The little things can make a big difference!  There are the obvious gloves and ear warmers that help big time.  You can also grab a balaclava or gaiter to help protect your face during freezing temps.  Sunglasses may are also a great way to protect your face from cold winds.  Its surprising how much a pair of sunglasses can help.  When the temps really drop, I also add some hand warmers in my gloves.
    • Be Visible– There are a lot more grey cloudy days it seems in the winter, along with less sun light.  Make sure you are planning ahead and wearing reflective clothing, reflective accessories and lights.  There are so many options popping up on the market right now.

  • Skin and lip protection-  Chap stick is a must in winter running.  Especially on windy days.  Even with the cooler temperatures, if you are running during the day, make sure you have sunscreen on all exposed skin.  The last tip here is Vaseline.  When it is super cold and windy, adding a thin layer of Vaseline to your cheeks can help out tremendously.  Trust me, next time its a negative wind chill you will be glad you tried it.
  • Change and eat immediately-  Get out of your cold wet clothes quickly.  I personally like a nice warm shower and a cup of coffee after a chilly morning run.  It’s definitely harder to get motivated in the morning, however those cold morning runs seem to give me a bit more energy heading into my day.  I build in about 15-20 minutes of lounging around time too.  Eating after a run is a good idea, but after a cold run its even better in helping your body warm up.
  • Accountability– Its so much easier to skip a run when you don’t have that added accountability.  Grab some running buddies or work with a coach to help you maintain consistency through the winter
  • Treadmill- Not my favorite option but still better than not running.  Some people, like myself, loathe the indoor rat wheel.  Other runners I know love and embrace the warm option.  Either way, remember that consistency is the key.

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Winter training is the key to your spring goals.  Find some friend, grab your running tights and get out for some miles.  Don’t worry too much if your pace starts out a tad slower its about keeping that base up and maintaining your routine through the darker winter months.  

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Winter running can be super beautiful, take some time to snap a picture or just appreciate mother nature.  You’ll be cursing the hot summer temps before we know it.  

What are you favorite winter running tips.  I am sure I left some great ideas off!  Comment below!

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10 thoughts on “Running tips for winter weather

  1. I’m in Chicago and we have the same early onset coldAF weather as you. Where’d fall go? Every year at this time my runner’s amnesia flares and I overdress. Thanks for linking!


  2. I am still denying that winter is on the way here in southeastern PA. Maybe this will be the year of no snow! I have 2 trail runs scheduled for January. I am hoping they are not run through a foot of the white stuff!


  3. I think winter has already arrived in Iowa, though the snow (4-letter word in the worst way, at least in early November) has only been minimal (and not lasting). I’m outside all winter, because I also hate the treadmill.


  4. Thank for the tips! I actually enjoy running in the colder weather (I’m a horrible summer runner) and I agree that it’s so important to have the proper cold weather workout gear. I always wear a base layer item when the temps get super cold.


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