The Secret to successful run training!- Part 1 of 2

Whenever I post tips on run training, I will get follow up questions through comments, email and direct messaging.  Usually the person is asking about advice on specific run training secrets or workouts.  What is the best kind of workout to be doing, what is the correct number of miles, how long should a training cycle be and so on.  While, there is definitely some best practices that many successful run coaches will utilize, along with scientific reasoning to support different styles of training.  We are all different and our bodies may respond differently to training stimulus.  So what is the secret to successful endurance run training? Consistency.

There is no magic bullet for endurance training, endurance training takes time and consistency to yield positive results.  When you fail to train, consistently, one of two things usually happens.

  • You training is lacking and your don’t progress toward your goals as you had hoped. This is really the best outcome for training inconsistency

  • You try to make up for missed training. Usually, this coincides with pushing mileage and workouts to quickly results in over-training and injuries.

Running consistently; over days, weeks, months and into years will result in consistent growth and progress.  Once you have built up the consistency, then you can begin splitting hairs on which types of workouts yield the best training results.  Otherwise, the best plans and workouts will fall short.

Consistent training allows you to build your training mileage and build upon workouts while being at less risk for injury.    This consistency will also allow you to better recover from illness as your will retain those training benefits longer.

Do you struggle with consistency?  I know I have.  As I move into the next stage of my run training, I will be focusing much more on consistency then on building upon specific workouts or structured training.  Once I have a solid foundation, I can begin adding in those other items.

What has been your biggest limiting factors to training consistency? How can you overcome those obstacles?

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Next-How to be more consistent in your run training. 


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