Count Down to Christmas- RunCanvas Favorites and Holiday shopping ideas for your runner- Accessories

Halloween has passed and Christmas is beginning to pop up all around us.  I am not one to really rush through the fall decorations or holidays, so you won’t see those items popping up around my house any time soon.  However, I do like to get a head start on my holiday shopping.  I don’t want to wait for all the crazies to come out and have to fight through the masses to complete my holiday shopping list. Who are we kidding, I have also been creating my personal Christmas wish list for some time now .  I will have a weekly post focusing on RunCanvas favorites to help you get some ideas for yourself or a runner in your life.

Today we are going to start with Running Accessories

GPS watch–  All runners needs a good GPS watch.  There are many different models with a huge variety of features. So taking time to find the just right one is important.  For your serious runners,  you may want look at running specific watches made by Garmin.  They sync well with apps may running log apps and have options that will make training easier.  For a runner who might want a GPS watch that doubles as their daily watch.  The Apple Watch is a solid choice.  For me, I lean a bit more toward the Garmin watches.


Wireless headphones– Wireless headphones are great for solo runs if your runner likes to tune out on the go.  You can find a pair of wireless headphones to match almost any budget.  I have the Apple Airpods and I absolutely love the.

Running Belt–  Need to take a few items with you, while your on the run?  Or hate wearing your phone on your arm band (I sure do).  A well fitted running belt with help you keep your keys, phone and maybe ID safet and secure while you go for a few miles.  I personal love my flip belt the best.  Purchase the right size, and you belt with stay put and your items won’t bounce.

Compression sleeves– Calf sleeves are great for cooler weather and recovery.  I am not a huge fan of running tights unless its stupid cold out.  I don’t like materials limiting my range of motion.  So I will wear shorts and compression sleeves leaving a bit more mobility.  Compression sleeves are also great after tough workouts, on long runs and during marathon racing.

Goodr Sunglasses–  These awesome Polarized Sunglass are great for running.  They do not move and bounce around.  Goodr brand also have a good variety of colors and new designs for the ladies.

What running accessories will you be adding to your Christmas list?!

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