CIM Training- Anxiety, Illness and re-setting

In my previous post, Anxiety on the Run , I opened up a little bit about my struggle with anxiety and panic attacks that have begun happening during training.  While I am not particularly proud of these moments, I am touched by the amount of people who reached out to me in support and to share similar stories of struggle for themselves.

Since that post, I have decided to back off structured training for a short while to take a few items off my plate and regain my love to running and training with less stress.  I am absolutely not backing off my goal.  I just know that this small step back needs to happen before I can move forward.

I had a good time with friends, as we traveled to the Good Life Halfsy.  Overall, however, the race did not go as planned. I ended up with some stomach issues that had me visiting the porta-potties every opportunity available for the last 4 miles of the race.

I attributed the bout of stomach issues to race day stress and anxiety.  However, the following day I felt utterly horrible.  I ended up leaving work at lunch time with flu like symptoms; body aches, chills, fever and headaches.  The flu like symptoms have since transitioned to upper respiratory issues that send me into coughing fits for walking to quickly. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get any running in at all because of this.

At this point, I am not sure I will even run Cal International this year.  I am split between running the race for fun, to become familiar with the course and race day logistics, or deferring my entry completely.  Instead using the vacation to cheer on my awesome friends who have had much more successful training cycles than I. Starting over with a clean slate. I am going to focus on the following things as I move to a more positive training cycle for myself.

  • Run what I feel like running- I wanna go for 4 easy and call it a day?  Done.  Chase a silly Strava segment for fun, why not!?  Or, if I am feeling stressed out and want to hammer 10 hard after work, I can do that to.  The key here is I will be taking some time away from structured training and just focusing on consistency and enjoyment for a little while.
  • Running with friends- Running is more fun with friends! Whether it’s hitting up a group run by my favorite local running store, or our weekly long run crew, I want to be surrounded by friends and let the miles ticked by through fun conversations.  I feel like I have done a lot more training by myself this cycle,  than I have previously.  I will admit, I am not a fan.  I started to run because I had to, and not because I wanted to.
  • Sign up for silly races-  I may sign up for some fun themed races, or hit up some indoor track races like I did last year.  Basically, I am not going to choose races chasing a time but choose races for enjoyment.
  • Buy myself something new-  My husband may not love this one! I always love trying out new gear and gadgets for running.  I haven’t decided what, but I am ready to head to KC Running Company for something to add a little pep to my step.

Training cycles can take a toll on us. Sometimes taking a step back is the best way to move forward.  I have written a previous article Don’t forget to enjoy running

What about you? Have you found yourself coming up to a goal race unprepared and needing to re-evaluate?  

I can’t wait to get back to sharing my weekly wrap ups on my weekly training, #allaboutrunning Wedneday Blog post and Friday funny posts again.  Check back tomorrow for my Race Recap of the struggle I had at Good Life Halfsy.

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