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As I continue to grow as I runner I have become infatuated with reading and learning much more about our sport. While doing so, I have come across a few books that I would love to review and recommend to my readers. I have enjoyed the following books for different reasons.  Some of them are more technical and help me learn more about different training approaches I take with myself and the athletes I coach.  Some are more for motivation and creating a general life style that supports my love of running.  Below is a list of the books I have been enjoying with a brief description.  In the next two weeks, I will follow up with a review of each book, or a set of books, that will be linked to this page.  As I continue to find more awesome books, I will add to the list!

Daniels Running Formula– By Jack Daniels”Get in the best shape of your running career with the help of Daniels’ Running Formula, the book that Runner’s World magazine calls the best training book. Premier running coach Jack Daniels provides you with his legendary VDOT formula to guide you through training at exactly the right intensity to run stronger, longer, and faster.”  -description of the book, directly off amazon and Jack Daniels website.  Review will be ready Thursday October 18th

Science of Running, How to find your limit and train to maximize your performance– By Steve Magness.  ” The Science of Running is written for those of us looking to maximize our performance, get as close to our limits as possible, and more than anything find out how good we can be, or how good our athletes can be. In The Science of Running, elite coach and exercise physiologist Steve Magness integrates the latest research with the training processes of the world’s best runners, to deliver an in depth look at how to maximize your performance.” – description of the book, directly off of the amazon and Steve Magness website.  Review will be completed alongside Daniels Running Formula and read Thursday, October 18th.

Running to the Top-By Arthur Lydiard- “His description of a systematic, detailed training program for beginners and top-runners is based on a clear defined conception of fitness. Beneath detailed schedules for the training, the book includes tips concerning equipment and outfit, nutrition, prevention of injury, therapy and the relationship between the coach and the athlete. ” -Description of the book, directly off of Amazon.  I read this book after completing Jack Daniels Running Formula, which so much of Jack Daniels builds off of. Look for my review later this week!

Eat Slow Run Fast-  I have downloaded this book and have just began to dabble in the recipes. I can wait to share some of my favorites.  I need to grab a few pictures of the awesome recipes I create, I plan to have the review ready soon.

Believe Training Journal- This is not a reading type of book but I have absolutely loved going back to the traditional training log I got this as a gift last year and I have already put a new one on my wish list for 2018.  The training log includes space to document times and distances while leaving a lot of open space to really make it what you need.  There is space to set up goals along with

Runners for Dummies–  By RunCanvas-  Okay, so this isn’t really a book.  I call it my mini-book featuring some of he quarkie behaviors of running.  If you haven’t you really should check it out!running-for-dummies

Got any great running books you are reading?  Tell me about them so I can add them to my list!

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