KC Marathon Week!-A look back

It’s marathon week in Kansas City! I wrote about Kansas City Marathon being one of my favorite fall racing events in Kansas City.  This is true for so many reasons. Kansas City Marathon was my first Marathon. You always remember you first right?

When I started running, I was completely inspired by my awesome friend Diana who had completed the Chicago marathon.  I had another friend Sarah who was tackling all kinds of half marathons.  I thought, golly these girls are crazy.  I began with a simple 5k and moved up distances, which seems like a natural progression of things.  The idea of running a complete marathon not only seemed painful, it seemed uninteresting.  I joked the only way I would complete a marathon is if I could qualify for Boston or New York, me first race. Well I did, so my buddy Steph made me eat my own words.  Thankfully her and so many other running friends helped me along the way.

img_0067Training for you first marathon is admittedly different than other distances.  You really have no clue what you are walking into.  I logged about 35-50 miles a week and did next to zero speed work.  I had a lot of people tell me I shouldn’t race my first full, but that just isn’t my nature.  I was lucky enough to have my friend Ben along the way.  After finishing Chicago marathon six short days before, Ben paced me through the 16-18 miles of the marathon, which totally help keep me out of my own head.  A bit of a struggle through the later miles, but I managed to run some pretty solid negative splits including a 6:15 final mile as my buddy Joe chased me along the crowds cheering ever so loudly.  It was a beautiful day, but mostly it was a reminder of all of the friends I had made along the way.

When you are knee deep into a training cycle, its hard to see the bigger picture. You are hyper focused on the workouts and split you are supposed to be running. That sometimes you forget to appreciate what you body allows you to overcome every time you lace up your shoes.  I had a monster goal at the time, complete my first marathon in 3:15.  I ended up running a 3:10:56.  I was an ugly cry mess.  I needed every person that day.  It was so amazing.  KC-finish

Keep at it, when running is tough, keep going. You never know who you are inspiring today.  My amazing journey all started with my girl Diana.  

My buddy Dave is the awesome race director for KC Marathon.  This is a great local event that he works year round on, to continue to grow this event.  The course is challenging but leads you through some of our best spot in the KC community.  There are neighbor cheer sections along the way.  When you complete your race, you can top it off with local beer and KC BBQ.  There are race distances from 5k-Full marathon and even a kids race.  




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