CIM Training Update- Too many excuses

We are seven weeks away from the big race and I am not where I had hoped I would be.  It is my own fault.  I allowed too many other things to get in the way of training. Too many times, I allowed other life issues to impact the quality and fidelity of my training plan.  I know there are other athletes who have had things come up and they chose to get in those workouts, where maybe I did not.  So where does that leave me, now?img_0338

I am still hopeful that I will be able to snag a personal best.  It may not quite be the sizable personal record I was hoping for, but a personal best is still on the table. It is movement in the right direction.  I still have seven weeks of training and that leaves me a small window of time to continue to grow as a runner. I have had many, many positive things to take away from this training cycle. I can not overlook all of the positives, in the shadows of negativity.  My daily runs are significantly faster paced and easier feeling than previous marathon training.   I have remained injury free ( knock on wood) for a  longer amount of time than I have before. I am really learning to listen to my body and identify normal pains verse injuries.  Pair that with working with a great coach has been a key component.  I wanted to really work on marathon focused training, getting in more tempo runs and marathon paced pieces and I feel like I have done that through this training cycle. There were points that these longer sustained efforts really took it out of me, and I believe that was my body adjusting to the different style of training.  Which is a good thing.


I can’t wait until California International Marathon. I am looking for the chance to really see where I am at.  Get clear idea of my current fitness, while gaining much needed marathon racing experience as I continue to work toward my bigger goals. While I acknowledge some of my shortcoming during this training cycle, we are nowhere near the end.  This was the first step in the journey.  I look forward to focusing the remainder of this training cycle. Make some adjustments and continue working toward that OT standard. I have a year left and I will make the needed changes.

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3 thoughts on “CIM Training Update- Too many excuses

  1. I have no doubt you’ll run a huge PR at CIM, and every step is a step! From what I’ve seen, your workouts and long runs are at least as fast, or faster, than what I was doing before I ran 2:47 at CIM, so don’t rule anything out.


    1. Thanks Sarah. I will try my best and use what ever happens as a stepping stone toward the future. I’ll hope for the best and prepare for the worst. One thing you def have that I haven’t . Consistency and a solid mileage base. Speed only takes you so far in a marathon


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