Fall is coming! Running Tips for Fall Weather training

I absolutely love fall running weather! Many friends are deep into training for their next big race, the camaraderie is awesome.  The temperatures are dropping after this long hot and humid summer and the scenery is beautiful.  I am so over this summer we have had, this year in Missouri.  I am kicking summer out and welcoming fall in with open arms.

Incase you missed it-Fall Racing in KC


While I do love fall running, each season comes with its own  list of positives and negatives With fall bringing in cooler temperatures it also brings in shorter days.  Here are some tips to make the most of your fall training.

  • Sign up for some races! If you haven’t already found a fall race, start looking.  Fall offers some of the biggest and best races.  Take full advantage and add some incentive to you training.
  • Warm-up properly- When starting a run go more by effort than time.  Allow the first few miles to be easier and slower as your body warm up in cooler temperatures.  As you get in 10-15 minutes of running allow the paces to naturally progress to you regular training paces.
  • Dress appropriately-  Layers are your friend in the fall. Its okay to start a run a bit chilly, as you will warm up as your body gets moving.  If you aren’t a fan of starting off chilly, plan a smaller loop in your run to drop off some layers.  There are many sites that offer advice on how to dress for each temperature. I find this to be very individual, however.   I can think back to a run where I was sweating in a tank top and shorts, and a running buddy was in two longs sleeves and running tights.  We were both comfortable. Find what works for you.  I do recommend brining options, as its better to have and not need, than need and not have.

Being a bit of a minimalist when running clothes are involved. I love to wear Compression Sleeves and Arm Warmers before I add on leggings and long sleeves. The arm warmers are great because once I am warmed up I can push them down or tuck them into my pocket.  I wont begin to consider wearing full leggings until its below 25 degrees because I hate how restricted my gate feels with full length pants.

  • Safety- With shorter days, more runners are force to run in the dark than in the summer months.  As this happens you need to keep some safety tips in mind. Wearing Reflective clothing, Blinkie lights blinking lights and Head lamps are all great ways to make sure you are visible.
    •  Another great option for all year round is Road ID .  Keeping you important contact and emergency information on your always. Check out the link below for many great options.

  • Run further and faster.  Maybe not all at once.  Take advantage of the cooler weather and add in some speedwork, try a structured interval session or a fun fartlek run.  Pick up the pace on the tail end of you run and run some negative splits.  Definitely don’t try this daily, start with one day and week and build slowly. Along the same lines, fall is a great time of year to slowly build you weekly miles and you long run.  Consider trying a new race distance as your mileage progresses.
  • Focus on Recovery- with all of this new speed work, races and mileage its important to take time to recover or you will increase you risk of burn out, fatigue or injury. Needs some guidance on recovery? Check out my post here.

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3 thoughts on “Fall is coming! Running Tips for Fall Weather training

  1. Today is the first day of Fall. Welcome to the fall. Now days are getting shorter. It is very important to be visible on the runs. You have highlighted this nicely. One more thing, on the west coast, we get more rain so, running shoes get soaked with rainwater and water puddles. Apart from having few pairs of running shoes and socks, do you have any recommendations on drying shoes between runs?


    1. I didn’t know that about the fall on the west coast. I learned years ago as a soccer player, that newspaper (and lots of it). Is the best remedy for wet athletic shoes. Tank out the insole, ball up a bunch of newspapers and stuff it in there. Change our every couple hours as needed.

      Whatever you do, do not throw in the dryer. This is a sure way to shorten the life span of you running shoes .

      As you mention, having a second pair to rotate is always a nice help too.

      Thanks for reading!


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