Weekly Wrap up- 17 weeks until CIM!

 The end is near! This is my last full week off before heading back to school  img_5234

Teacher professional development is just around the corner.  I had a great start to the week but the hotter weather and travel really wore me out the second half.

Here is my Weekly Wrap up-

Monday-  9 miles @ 7:07 pace  + 6×20 Second Strides     

Joined a couple of running buddies for easy miles in the afternoon.  A small break in temperature and humidity really had a positive impact on my easy pace.  Finished feeling pretty fresh.  I wish running always felt so seamless.

Tuesday- 7.0 miles @ 7:17 pace

Grabbed some lunch miles before heading to the pool with the family. Temperatures were still very favorable. Another pretty relaxed easy run.

Wednesday- 11.0 miles Average pace @ 6:31

Wednesday workout; 2 mile warm up + 3×2 mile (half mile recovery) + 2mile cool down.img_5231

I started this run at 10 pm.  Spending the day at the pool with my kiddos and getting house work done while my husband worked. It’s not ideal but I have goals and I will get my workouts in whenever I can find the time.  Started out the first rep a bit too hard but then I was able to find my goal pace and complete this workout. The last half mile of each rep was a bit of a push for me.  I love these style of workouts.  I feel like I am working on both physical and mental gains when I need to push through the end.  Even though I struggled through the end of the reps, I felt amazing through the cool down.  This is always a good sign to me that the workout was a good match.

Thursday-7 miles @ 7:11 pace

I started this run thinking my legs were not going to cooperate after the workout last night.  It took about a mile to get the legs going and then I coasted through the run pretty comfortably.

Friday- 3.0 miles @ 7:18 pace

My family traveled to the Lake of the Ozarks for the weekend so I had to find some place to run.  I am such a homebody, it stresses me out running solo in new places.  There are a ton of hills here!

Saturday-7.2 miles @7:34 pace

This run was doomed from the start.  Stayed up way to late, and did not sleep well.  My mom, so sweetly cooked us a huge heavy breakfast and I drank way more coffee and not enough water.  Compounding that with the hills and the 90 degree temperatures and humidity, I felt horrible.  I was slow and about 4 miles in I felt kind of woozy.  I stopped back by my car for water to see if that would help.  When it didn’t, I turned about and called it a day. I was supposed to run 12 miles with push efforts at the end.  I completed 7 so that I could just flip flop my Saturday/Sunday plans.

Sunday- 12 miles @ 7:18 pace

Night time run after we returned from the lake. I was feeling much better than the yesterday, but still pretty sluggish.  I ran 12 miles total, with the miles 8-12 starting with a .15 mile push effort.

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I’m so glad to be home, sleep in my own bed and get back to eating a bit healthier. weeklywrapnew

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