My next journey…

It’s my birthday! I am not going to lie, I am a big kid at heart. I love celebrating birthdays and I love cake. So, today is a great day. It’s early in the day and I have already been spoiled by my amazing husband. He surprised me with an Air Relax Leg Recovery System! I can’t wait to put those on after my birthday run.


I am also giving myself a “present.” Today is the first day. I am letting go of the fear of failure, letting go of caring about what others think. I am setting big goals and chasing them. Today I begin my journey as I chase my goal to qualify for Atlanta 2020, Marathon Olympic Trials. I’m am well aware this is a pie in the sky kind of dream. I am aware that the chance of failure is much bigger than the chance of success. So much more can and probably will go wrong, more than things will go right. I don’t care! I am letting go and chasing this goal. I am sure there are people who see my times or who run with me who will see this and think “she is nuts.” I am! Ha! However, I have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Writing down your goals and sharing them with others is supposed to be a big step towards achieving them. I’ll admit, I get nervous about wanting to share this goal because I know it’s kind of farfetched and I don’t want to hear the negative. Openly admitting my goals, makes me feel vulnerable for some reason.

Let’s play pretend…

I set this big, maybe kind of ridiculous goal, and I don’t reach it. Along the way, I am likely to reach so new personal bests and will travel to some cool races along the way. Sounds like a pretty awesome worst case scenario, to me. If I don’t try, I will wonder “what if.”

Words without action are meaningless 

I want to do more than talk about it.   I am taking steps toward improving myself in many ways. Creating a fluid action plan to improve. Obviously, running will be a huge component. I have become a huge book nerd and taken time to absorb as much information as I can. Studying the works and philosophies of coaches like Lydiard, Daniels, Magness, Hansons and Fitzgerald. I am taking a brief break from content rich books and currently reading “Running with the Buffaloes” for a bit of inspiration as I begin my first phase of my marathon training. I am also taking steps with many non-running components of my training. I am working with a new strength training partner and we are kicking off a program that I feel very good about. Coaching is always a great reminder to do those small things early, like hurdle hip mobility drills and form drills before speed workouts. Building consistency early. Weekly yoga sessions, massages, Epsom salt baths and foam rolling are going to be a priority. My new Air Relax boots will be a great additional to my recovery process.

Surrounding myself with positivity

img_4820I have made some huge personal growth this year, in being more selective about the type of people I choose to be around. Some people are toxic. Instead of building others up, they are putting others down. I always made excuses for them, and I allowed the negativity to take over my own thoughts and create a lot of self-doubt. I won’t be rude and I won’t treat them poorly. However, I will actively seek out friendships and training partners who build those around them up and I will focus on the same for them in return.  I am super lucky.  I have been given the opportunity to coach an amazing group of young ladies.  The distance girls are a wonderful example of what a great teammate and training partner looks like.  I want to carry what I have learned from them into my own personal training.

When are where?To be honest, I am not 100% sure at the moment. I would love to go to California International, but logistically that doesn’t really match my family/work calendar this year. Chicago has a great course but the unpredictable weather gets me a bit nervous. Plus, it’s right in the middle of Cross Country season, so it can become a bit difficult to take off the needed time. I think CNO Financial Indianapolis looks like a great opportunity. The weather is usually pretty good, the course is awesome and I believe they offer some great opportunities for sub-elite runners. Obviously, I would need to apply and qualify for such benefits. For me, the biggest would be starting as close to the front as possible, because gun time is what is used for OT qualifiers. I have never contacted a race director (outside of the ones I know personally in Kansas City area) to request such things. I am a bit nervous.t_1_6792_SNG_1500

Follow my journey!

I would love to share my successes and many failures I have along the way. I NEED the accountability.   Let me know your goals and we can cheer each other on along the way. No matter how big or small!  I have been greatly inspired the hard work, tenacity and growth of Sarah.  (I wrote about her in my Rock the Parkway Race Review).She is also chasing the Olympic Trial Standard.  You too can follow her blog here.

As I have grown my love for learning and running, I am always looking for book recommendations. Let me know what running literature you recommend.

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9 thoughts on “My next journey…

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!! Good for you for sharing your goals!!!!! I like what you said in that along the way smaller feats are sure to be accomplished. Looking forward to you sharing your journey!


  2. 1st off happy bday…2nd off…you go girl…sooo excited to hear your going for that goal…and can’t wait to be cheering you on in that race…You totally have what it takes to be in that field. And I think every athlete is more hard on themselves then anything..totally can mess with your mind. I know I struggle mostly with that..I think in my age I have long let go what others think and I think in time you will do same. Excited to read and watch your journey.

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  3. Happy Birthday! Good for you for doing this for yourself! Don’t be nervous about contacting race directors. I’ve contacted multiple ones that I didn’t know at all for various reasons over the years and in my experience, they’ve all been very courteous and helpful. I recently read Roar by Stacy T. Sims and really liked it. It’s written specifically for women athletes and has a lot of good advice and tips.

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