Saucony Kinvara 8

Basic Specs (Women’s Shoe)img_3260

Category- Neutral

Weight-6.9 oz.

Forefoot Stack height-23 mm

Heal Stack Height- 19 mm

Heel Drop- 4mm offset


The Kinvara 8 is the newest addition the popular Kinvara line.  This Kinvara 8 contains many of the same favorite features from the Kinvara 7 while boasting the new “FlexFilm”.  This is the upper part of the shoes, which is supposed to be strong and lightweight, giving the shoes a seamless and flexible feel. The Kinvara 8 also contains Sauconys “Everun” a lightweight cushioning material that gives a softer landing and more responsive take off.

img_3556received my Kinvara 8, as a perk of being on the KC Running Company Racing team.  I have run a little over 120 miles in them including runs as short as 3 miles and as long as 14. Mostly easy/recovery miles. However, I have also completed one track workout, one tempo run and some hill repeats. I completed all runs on the road or crushed gravel. All during dry weather. I personally, prefer these shoes for a casual everyday run or long runs, over speed work.  The shoes perform just as stated, I just typically use shoes that have less “stuff” under my feet when I do speed work. I think the shoes performed exactly as designed and this was more of a personal preference.

I have flat feet and a slight pronation, so I typically use stability shoes for my everyday run.  My daily trainers also include an 8mm offset, compared to the 4mm offset of the Kinvara 8.  I had no problems in these shoes. I found them very comfortable for all types of runs.  With a tad over 120 miles, there isn’t much wear on these shoes.  I typically get a higher than average life out of my shoes. I think that is partially due to my tiny size/weight.

The Flexfilm upper portion of the shoes, was actually my favorite feature.  I have no idea why, but the tops of shoes REALLY irritate me.  I have bought a handful of shoes I cannot wear because of how the tops sit or rub the tops of my feet. The top of the shoes were able to be tied nice and tight, leaving them secure feeling.  While also, being very flexible and they seem to have a great amount of venting/breathability.

The performance of the shoes felt very natural.  I definitely enjoyed the responsiveness of the Everun.  The shoes were very lightweight. Again, personal preference,  the cushioning of the shoes were very nice for my easy runs and long runs but for speed work I like to feel like there is less “stuff” between the ground and my feet.  So I plan to use these more as daily trainers and not as much for speed. However, I know a handful of runners who love racing in their Kinvaras.  Many runners use the same shoes for all runs, and these would be a top notch choice for that purpose.  They are cushioned and supportive, with a natural feel and very responsive.  A great all around shoe.

I used to shy away from Saucony shoes, for appearance reasons, but their recent lines have been much improved.   I like the bright colors of this pair and the line has a range of options.


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