Strava Addicts

I’ll be the first to admit, I am a Strava nerd.  I love the App.  It combines some of my favorite things; running, nerdy data, social media and competitions.  Are you a Strava nerd too? 

If you do any of the following, you might be a Strava nerd too.

  • Getting out of the bed in the middle of the night to flag a run.

    Really 30 miles in 3 hours on a run?  I don’t think so. If so you should have a Nike contract lady.


  • Plotting routes around your neighborhood

    made strava

    If you plot it, they will come. Laying segments in your own hood, makes it so much easier to defend your territory.


  • Stalking strangers so you can poach their CRs one by one

    steal your segmentBecause having one segment just isn’t enough!


  • Changing routes/workouts for segments

    segments everywhereWhen you had a planned run but your make a last minute change so you can chase a nearby segment. I have definitely extended a portion of my workouts to complete a segment.


  • Strava not picking up your segment, sends you into a firey rage.

    strava doesn't pick it upWhat!?  That segment was on the other side of the road!  You have got to be kidding me.


  • Using other app/programs so you can nerd out on Strava just a little bit more.stravanabber

    So many add-ons and plug-ins. Strava Labs, Veloviewer, Pace Motion, Race Shape…


  • Juicing your run

    Just Stop Now!  Remember Strava is supposed to be fun.  Cheating takes all of the fun out of it.  EPO for Strava, riding when you log as running (on purpose) driving a segment are all NOT OKAY>Keep it friendly.


So what about you? Are you guilty of one or more of these things? Are you a Strava nerd?

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6 thoughts on “Strava Addicts

  1. You didn’t list it, but since getting injured (and slower) and the heat arriving down south (hence, running slower), I am not changing up my routes. Strava has that feature that says if you’re “trending faster” on a route and I hate that the times on my routes are going down, so I’ll run different cul-de-sacs, cut parts of a route off to add others, go down different side streets, etc so that it looks like a new-to-Strava route.

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    1. Oh yeah, totally remember that from last year when i injured my knee. Just another silly reminder that your by quote on top of your game


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