Helpful tips, making time for your run

For the first time, I am not teaching summer school.  I love it! I have so much time to do the things I love.  Balancing family time and running is much, much less of a challenge.  This is NOT the case during the school year.  During the school year I am balancing work, coaching, running and most importantly family time.  It isn’t always perfectly balanced.  Thankfully, with lots of support from my husband, we make it work.  I get to do all of the things that I love so much, including running.

I have goals, big goals.  I don’t want to toe the line on race day unprepared.  For me, running is a daily priority.  It’s not the most important thing on the list, but almost everyday I can find some time to run. I do this through deliberate planning and communication.  I am able to accomplish this with an amazing supportive husband. I try to be very cognizant of how my running affects my family time and their personal time.

Here are some helpful tips for making time for your run, each day.

  • Plan Ahead- This is the most important tip.  My husband and I briefly discuss our plans for the next day.  What events/commitments do we have going on, who will be picking up the kid and what kind of workouts do we each plan to get done.  This allows us to strike up a game plan and routine as the school year goes on.  Planning ahead can also include looking at my racing calendar and scheduling goal races at a time that allows me more time to train.  Some parts of the year are more busy and I take that into consideration. All of the other tips, really circle around planning ahead.
  • Meal Prep- Taking time to get lunches and breakfast done for the week helps check another thing off the list of things to do during the week.  For dinners you could try meal prep ideas like freezer meals.  This isn’t something my husband is fond of, so again planning ahead is helpful.  If we know getting our workouts in will be tight for the night, we will plan crock pot meals or quick prep meals for that night.  We save the longer prep meals for nights when we have more time.
  • Hair/showers/clothes-  There’s more time commitments to running, than just running.  Especially, for women. I have become a big fan of dry shampoo. I don’t wash my hair everyday, so planing which workouts will work up quite a mess and which ones can get a quick revamp helps save a bunch of time.  Also, I take time each Sunday laying my running clothes out for the week as well as work clothes.  This helps limit the chaos during the week and also helps me not forget something important..
  • Run in the mornings– I know, believe me, I know mornings suck. Especially in the winter when its colder and darker.  Getting your run done and out of the way, leaves me with so much more time for family in the evenings. The first week is usually the hardest, once I have established a routine it becomes easier.  Meeting friends for your morning run, helps big time with accountability and making the morning miles go by much quicker. In the evenings, it is great to already have your workout check off the to do list.
  • Making running a social events-  A huge part of my love for running, is the amazing friends I have made throughout my journey.  Combining my running with social time helps me get through busy weeks and hard workouts.  A long run gives us hours to catch up, and breakfast after is almost always a must.  I can fill my “bucket” twice when I combine running with friends.
  • Quality vs quantity- Some days you just don’t have as much time as others.  Getting in a quality session can be just as important as logging tons and tons of miles.  Working with a coach could be a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your workout time.  Not all workouts are created equal and prioritizing is key to finding that balance.
  • Double-  If your crunched for time, getting in two small workouts can be a great way to increase you weekly mileage.  This is another time working with a coach could be helpful.  A good coach can help you figure out which workouts can be split, and which workouts need to be run as one continuous workout.

How do you make time for running? Do you have any additional tips to strike a balance?   Be sure to like, comment and subscribe!


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