Global Running Day! Let’s Celebrate!

It’s Global Run Day! What a great day to enjoy running and friends.  Getting back into running has changed my life.  I know, it sounds cheesy.  It really has though. Running has taught me so many lessons, challenged me in new ways and taked me on amazing adventures with some pretty amazing people.  Running has given me a sense of pride and a positive relationship with a healthy lifestyle. 

So get out and celebrate! HOW? 

  • Join in- There are tons of group runs going on all over.  Most running stores, and clubs are hosting groups runs.  If you have never been to a group run, today is the day to try one out. I know here in Kansas City the group runs are huge, offering a running buddy to runners of all paces and lots of neat giveaways.
    • I have already gotten a great run in at the awesome new KC Endurance Treadmill Studio located in the Waldo area, and  I am hoping I can make it out to the KC Running Company Group Run located at the Leawood Store.
      • If your in the KC area and couldn’t make it to the group run at the new KC Endurance studio, they are offering FREE TRIAL CLASSES! Try out a free treadmill class from June 8th thru June 14th. Sign up here to reserve your spot.
      • If you want to participate in the Kansas City Running Company Group Run tonight, sign up here
    • If you aren’t in the Kansas City area, check your local running stores/groups social media pages for opportunities in your area.
  • Shop- Support your local running stores!  Many running stores are having some great 1 day promotions to celebrate. It’s a holiday right?  So treat yourself to a new item, or a few! I don’t know what it is about new shoes and clothes,  but I always feel a tad faster in my new running garb.
  • Sign up-  A lot of races are offering discounts on entries if you sign up today.  It’s a great time to save on that fall race schedule and kick off your training today.  Following race events on social media is a great way to find deals.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, grab a buddy and get a run in!  Hashtag it up with #globalrunningday 

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