Weekly Recap-5/29-6/4

Happy Monday Everyone! It’s really, really easy for my to wake up happy on a Monday when it’s summer break time.  This is the first summer I haven’t worked summer school and I am absolutely loving every minute of it.  My routine is img_3216pretty awesome; eat, run, swim, sleep and repeat.  Throw in some additional time with my family and friends and I am already feeling super refreshed.  I love that I have this time to really train harder and focus on some non-running aspects of my training.  Adding in more strength training twice a week and yoga to begin with.  

Here was how my week went

Monday-7.2 miles at 8:05 pace, total time 58:30 

+ .6 miles at 7:05 pace, total time 4:23 (segment and recovery)

Fun run at Burr Oaks (a Nature Conservation area with some trails.)   I was planning on 5 easy miles, but with little encouragement  from so speedier friends,we ran some hilly trails and then chased this stupid fast segment.  It was both fun, and miserable at the same time.  One reason I love the Strava App, you never know where a segment challenge is going to lead you.  I was completely destroyed by the way, I knew going in with these two “studs” I didn’t stand a chance.

Tuesday- 8.3 miles at 7:20 average pace, total time 1:00:55

Workout-2 mile warm up, 4 miles alternating pace (7:00/mile for half mile, then 6:00/mile pace for half mile), 2 mile cool down

Dropped off my little pipsqueak at summer school, then met up with some other teacher friends for a workout session at a nearby park/trail.  The workout felt pretty moderate, I am glad to have the opportunity to ease into training because I wasn’t sure how much the heat would affect me at this point.  Overall,when I was done I felt pretty good and knew I could have easily gone for a couple more.

Wednesday-6.7 miles at 7:34 pace, total time 50:43img_3260

Finally, school is out and I got to join in my favorite group run at KC Running Company.  You, seriously, never know what could happen here.  HA!

Thursday- 7 miles at 8:00 pace, total time 56:10

Beautiful morning, solo run. I was super excited to get this run in, because we picked up some new Apple Airpods and I couldn’t wait to try them out.  Review coming soon!

Friday-5.3 miles at 7:59 pace, total time 42:34 +4×10 second strides

Another absolutely beautiful morning! I got another toy in today, and I couldn’t wait to try it. Unfortunately, it was a dud.  Hopefully, I can get the replacement in sometime this week.  Would love to have some more camera/picture options for my site.  Oh well, a lot worse things can happen. No stress here.

img_3252Saturday – 12 miles at 7:17 pace, total time 1:27:32

Oh man, the warning signs were all there.  I made 3 potty stops before my ran began, and still had to stop twice during the warm up. I should have taken that as a sign.  I did not.  Coach had scheduled a workout with 3 easy miles, 6 miles at 6:30 pace and 3 miles cool down.  I made a quick potty stop before begining the faster portion and thought I was good to go.  I got about a mile in and oh my goodness! I should have turned around and called it a day, but I thought I could make it.  At the 3 mile turn around I was completely stranded, no bathroom in sight.  I couldn’t pick up the pace, it only made things worse.  I was stuck in this weird middle area of needing to hurry up but I couldn’t go any faster because it made the sense of urgency worse.  The QuikTrip at the end of the trail, was the most glorious thing I had ever seen! OH my lord!

Runner Problems-When Nature Calls

Sunday-4 miles at 8:11 pace, total time 33:11

One of our local speedsters loves running the track. (I have no idea why.) Often times I see him getting his easy runs along the football turf at the high school, and I thought that seemed like a good idea.  So I copied him.  Two of the guys joined which made an already super short run, seem even shorter. It was lightly raining, so I wore a hat.  I don’t normally wear a hat.  I got so stinking hot, I don’t know how people race like that.  Maybe a visor, but that hat was a terrible choice for me.

First full week on summer break, I would say was a complete success.  I can’t wait to ramp up my training and really take advantage of this time.  My weekly mileage should increase a little bit this week.  I can’t wait to start seeing results and get some short races in soon!

How was your week?  Does your training change during the summer time?

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