Weekly Recap, May 1st-May 7th-Still taking it easy

   Another weekly recap, where I don’t have a whole lot of fancy workouts to write about. Just easing my way back into training after my marathon.  It was a fun week though, and great weather. Plus, my birthday!

Here is my weekly recap

Monday- 6.1 miles at 7:21 pace, total time 44:59

Got in 3 miles with my track kiddos today and then a few more solo miles.  Kind of a happy/sad day as it was my last workout with this group of kiddos.

Tuesday- 7.8 miles with 2 miles at 5:30 pace

I planned a small track workout to start getting some speed back into my legs.  The Girls on the Run group from our feeder elementary school was using the track. So instead, I decided to case a segment that one of my friends took.

Wednesday- 4.3 miles at 7:27 pace, total time 32:16

We were supposed to have a track meet today but it was canceled because of rain.  I was able to get a short run in after work and luckily it was pretty dry.

Thursday-4 mile at 7:53 pace, total time 31:56

Another easy 4 miler today.  Just trying to get back into the routine.

Friday- Scheduled Rest Day

Super long day at our track meet, I planned to take this one off. I actually went home very sore after standing on my feet all day.

Saturday-4.2 miles at 7:52 pace, total time 33:52

I had a pretty busy day planned, so I kept my run short. Mostly, I just wanted to enjoy the nice weather with my family this weekend.

Sunday- 4.6 miles total, Birthday 5k

Did a fun local 5k for my birthday.  I was able to take 1st overall fairly easy, which was nice.

So here I am, feeling pretty good and ready to jump back into full mode training again.  I have had 3 weeks of really light running and I feel healthy.  I think the light running also helped me get mentally read for the next training cycle.  I have already reached out to coach Jeremy to start thinking about fall goal races and talk about what I would like to get out of this next round of training. 

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