Runner Problems-When Nature Calls

Let’s be honest, we have all been there. Probably multiple times.  You are on a run, and nature is calling.  Panic begins to settle in because you are miles away from the restroom.  This is a potty emergency!

It’s almost a rite of passage.  Your not a real runner until you have experienced a bathroom crisis while on a run.  Although embarrassing, you are not alone. So check out some of these Runner problems-When nature calls.

  • When you are running by someone you knows house.  You gauge your level of friendship based on how comfortable you are with stopping by on a run to use their restroom.  

knock on door

  • When you REALLY, REALLY need to go in the middle of your run, and then the urge goes away as soon as your finished.  

need to go

  • You are now in the habit of planning your routes, based on bathroom locationsbathroom routes
  • When you just went before the race, and have to get right back in line because of a nervous bladder. bathroom lines
  • The fear of legit crapping your pants in the middle of a race.  Seriously, I have had nightmares.
  • Only your runner friends understand your excitement over seeing a new porta-potty. Opening up new route possibilities.pretty potty

Just a little runner humor for your Friday afternoon! Got any hilarious or embarrassing incidents your willing to share!?

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4 thoughts on “Runner Problems-When Nature Calls

  1. I ran a half marathon and ran by a runner who crapped her shorts. Not only could you see a pile in her shorts, there was some running down her leg and the smell made me gag. She was still running though so I guess there’s that.

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