Wednesday Weekly Discussion-Sharing Your Runs/Workouts on Social Media

So, while on Facebook, this particular blog post caught my eye. People Who Post About Fitness On Facebook Are Likely Narcissists.  The article covers a study conducted by researchers at Brunel University in London. My immediate annoyance was the misleading title, which sort of gives the interpretation that a majority of people who post about fitness are some how narcissistic.

I can definitely see how someone who is narcissistic, or at least had narcissistic traits can gain validation through superficial posts of any kind, including fitness post.  I do think it is important to be careful when using clinical terms such as narcissism to classify everybody who enjoys sharing their weight loss or fitness journeys. Here is a great article that suggests we stop carelessly labeling others  narcissistic  and other clinical diagnoses. Bottom line, while people who have narcissistic traits may be more likely to post fitness related content (or any brag worthy content) on social media. Doing so, does not increase the likelihood that you carry those traits.

The article, and original study, did make me reflect on my own social media postings. I do share some of my workouts on social media, and enjoy sharing my running journey through my blog.  I don’t typically share my daily running activities on my personal Facebook and Twitter accounts, but I do share races and personal achievements.  I share my running log on my blog as a mode of connecting with readers, sharing my journey and later I will be able to reflect on my experiences I have shared.

On the flip side, a study done by MIT suggests that sharing your workouts on social media may motivate others to exercise more.  I feel good sharing positive posts, including workouts.  It’s way better than some of the constant negative noise that gets blasted out constantly. Sometimes social media can give participants the additional support they need to be successful.  One study found that participants who shared their weight loss progress on twitter lost more weight, on average, than those who kept it to themselves.  

There are definite pros and cons.  Posting on social media can always come off as bragging and a bit self-centered.  Honestly, almost all of social media posts can be viewed as a bit self-centered. Sometimes we find ourselves negatively comparing ourselves to other peoples posts, which is not healthy.  Also, posting can motivate and inspire. Posting your fitness activities can lead to connection with those who share similar interest.

I enjoy following my friends fitness journey and seeing hard work pay off.  I want to celebrate with them and give them encouragement along the way.  Some people post daily, and some will post every once in a while. I always enjoy posts that are made to build people up.

Some people seem to get extremely annoyed by fitness post.  My opinion, if its not hurtful or derogatory and it bothers you ,it probably says more about your insecurities and less about the person who made the post.  People are always going to be butt-hurt about something.

What do you think? Do you share your fitness post on social media?  Does it bother you when others do? Join the discussion below!


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5 thoughts on “Wednesday Weekly Discussion-Sharing Your Runs/Workouts on Social Media

  1. I can definitely see both sides- it can seem like bragging or it can simply be sharing your accomplishments. I guess the main thing is how it’s presented by the person posting and probably how often they post about fitness. If it’s all “in your face” kind of posts ALL THE TIME, no one really wants to see that, but if it’s more humble and every so often, I think that’s fine.

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    1. When I first started running ,I think I fell into the category of oversharing. I was just too excited and wanted to shout it from the roof tops. The positives that came from it, was the motivation from friends as I created new habits and I had hard days. The more I ran and learned about apps like Map my Run and Strava the less I felt the need to blast my workouts all over facebook. I could share with people who shared my interests through the other apps.

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  2. I honestly set up separate social media accounts for my blog because I wanted to post more about the journey in short snippets and not annoy everyone else. I post about workouts, hoping I can motivate someone else or just share how good it feels. And to be fair, I’ll post when it doesn’t go well.

    I definitely am not a narcissist, LOL. My mother-in-law is one and believe me, that’s drama all in itself. All of these studies trying to label someone just miss the mark sometimes. And you are definitely right, social media could all be considered bragging to some extent. The older I’ve gotten, the less I care about comparing myself to others and trying to be the best person I can be and being happy with where I am right now, even if I’m working towards something better.


    1. That was a big part of my blog creation, reaching out and sharing with people who have similar interest.


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