2017 Weekly Recap- April 24th, Still Recovering and Looking Ahead

    I am now two weeks post Boston Marathon and not a lot of training to write about.  Small stuff here and there, I am mostly spending my time doing non-running activities.  Sleeping in has been awesome, catching up on grading at work and we are heading into the end of the track season for my middle school kiddos.  I’m not sure how I would do in a race, but overall I feel pretty much recovered.  No lingering soreness, I’m not tired.  I feel ready to jump back into training this week.  I plan on stair stepping my mileage each week and getting back into workouts once summer break starts.  The timing really works out nice with end of the school year stuff wrapping up and final test and grades needing to be done.

Here was my puny, although very relaxing weekly recap

Monday- 3.6 miles at 7:56 pace, total time 28:49

 Ran some easy loops with my track kiddos.  Today was the only day I wore a watch to practice, so the only time I actually got an idea of how much I ran

Tuesday- Off

 Planned to take the day off, we had a track meet this evening. I enjoyed heading home as soon as the meet was over, instead of squeezing in a workout after the long day

Wednesday- 30 minutes

Played games at track practice today.  Our kiddos took it easy between meets and we had a little bit of fun. It was a nice reminder to take time to enjoy running and not focus on a time/pace.

Thursday- Off

 Another LONG track meet.  Got home pretty late and was very happy to plop my rear-end on the couch and not train.

Friday- 30 minutes           

 I snuck in some loop around the neighborhood today, during my plan period. I have never done that before. Our block scheduling at work gave me the extra time.  I kept my pace super easy, basically a shuffle because I didn’t want to go back to work all stinking.

Saturday-6 miles at 7:30 pace, total time 45:00

  Rain, Rain go away! It rained so much this weekend, I forgot what the sun looked like.  I was hoping a break in the rain would allow me the option to go outside, but I missed my chance.  When I finally got around to running, the lightening was too close to chance it.  I did 6 mile on the dreadmill.

Sunday-Another Off day

 Spent the day with my family for my sisters birthday. We headed to Kauffman and watched a Royals game.

Mu super cute kiddos running the bases after the game


Yes, I took a lot of off days this week.  None of my runs were anything exciting.  That’s exactly what I wanted.  It was a great mental and physical break.  I spent extra time foam rolling and stretching after my little runs.  This week I feel good and I am ready to begin building my mileage back up as we finish the school year and head into summer. 
I have some pretty lofty goals I want to chase after this fall.  I am not going to lie, some of them seem kinda far-fetched.  If I don’t reach them, I don’t have anything to lose. So I am ready to try.  I am taking the summer off this year (previously I have worked through the summer) and I am really going to enjoy hitting some high mileage weeks and adding in more strength training.  I feel confident that working with my coach. He will lead me in the right direction and my job will be to put in the time and effort.  I don’t have anythign set in stone as far as races goes, I plan on hitting some local 5ks and probably a couple 10ks.  I would like to build up to a goal half marathon this fall.  I haven’t narrowed down which one yet, but I have 1-2 that have caught my attention. I will wait to see how the early fall training/racing goes before I decide on attempting another full marathon.  

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One thought on “2017 Weekly Recap- April 24th, Still Recovering and Looking Ahead

  1. It looks like a great recovery week! Take all the time you need after Boston because you had a great performance, and taking time off now will benefit you when you do start training again- you will feel refreshed and ready to go. Plus it sounds like work and coaching are busy, and this is the perfect way to devote yourself 100% to the track kids at the end of the season.

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