Beer Mile and Beyond!

I am sure most runners have heard of the beer mile, right?! It takes two of our favorite things and mushes them together, drinking beer and running.  There are some variations, but the most commonly accepted version includes a single runner consuming a beer, then completing a quarter mile lap.  The runner continues this for each quarter mile until the race is finished.

*Here are the official beer mile rules 

Running isn’t challenging enough! (sarcasm) Adding in other challenging elements and blending our favorite things always makes things more fun, and competitive. (plus vomit!) So I thought, lets create some other variations of the beer mile. (aka digestive athletics).


Not everyone likes beer, and its fun to mix things up.  Sometimes its fun to add a variation with a theme.  Check out some of my ideas below.

  • Wino Mile-  The little tiny bottles.  You know, like the ones you’d get on an airplane.  You drink one bottle and run a quarter mile, repeat 4 times to complete a mile.


  • Fuzzy navel Mile- You must complete while also wearing a tutu and tiara!


  • New Years- Champagne 5k-  A standard size bottle of champagne contains 5 pours. Each runner will consume 1 pour (glass) per kilometer.
  • 4th of July– Wiener Mile- consume a jumbo hot dog and bun each lap.  Nothing more American.
  • Christmas- EggNog Mile- Each runner must consume an entire quart of eggnog (32 oz, 8 oz per lap)  This is an actual event I have done with some of my former cross country kiddos.  They put on a local event every year.  It’s feels horrible almost immediately.  I vomited a lot!


  • BJ 5k (wait wait, that sounds bad, how about ice cream 5k) 1 pint of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream for each mile. That’t a ton of dairy!


  • Hooters 5k- Chicken wing 5k-Consume 4 wings per mile and celery with ranch, no liquids until the race is over! Your level of manliness will be judged if  you opt for the mild wings.


  • Milla Cinco De Mayo-  Runners must complete one (uno) margarita before running a quarter mile, repeat 4 times to complete a mile.  A sombrero must be worn on the competitors head at all times.  If the sombrero comes off, you take a shot of tequila.

How fun are these?  Or gross?  Which variations sound the easiest/worst?  What variations can you come up with?  Comment below!


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6 thoughts on “Beer Mile and Beyond!

  1. I’ve run a local event called Donut Dash. It is a 5k run followed by eating 5 donuts. The run is actually an out and back to the donut shop, so halfway through the run you have to stop and buy your donuts, then carry them back to the start/finish line before you start eating.


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